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  1. Hi, Sorry for people asked me by mp but i didn't read it. manicshere do you have finish the vewlix replica? Maxime
  2. You can see some pictures of an another real build. Maxime
  3. I used a 2.1 kit for computer and i have replaced the two speakers by pionner two way cars speakers with black grid. It sounds very good ans looks good.
  4. Hi, I'm happy you are good manicshere, good job. JaronSenna, you can contact me on my facebook page if you want more informations or more pictures of real built of my newlix. Maxime
  5. Hi, some news? I hope you are in good health. Maxime
  6. cool I build mine without painting in two days Maxime
  7. Send me an email and I send you pictures in return. Maxime
  8. The panel of this cab is very heavy, i bought this : http://www.leroymerlin.fr/v3/p/produits/fermoir-a-cadenas-en-metal-zingue-75x40-mm-e22595#&xtmc=fermoir&xtcr=2 And no problem with brutal children lol. I take picture quickly when i have time. Maxime
  9. All the panel is removable, on mine, there are two usb plug witch get ou from it. Just remove the usb and remove the panel. Maxime
  10. Hi Mani, For the electric connection? You use a computer? Why don't use USB connection? Maxime
  11. I put the inner arch on this part before englue it with the other part of the arch. Maxime
  12. Good work!! But you must ad the other part of the arch if you won't brake it : Maxime
  13. Hi Good, I look forward to the photos, you're a little carrier mother of my baby
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