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  1. WDM-KS didn't work for me (2,00ms) ..... WASAPI did (3,33ms) MME (18,67ms) did also work. Standard audio settings was !! 91ms !!
  2. yes, me to... also have 2 of the SAMSUNG 214T .... really nice monitors
  3. How did you manage to use the 7" display to show the button configuration during each individual game automatically ? What frontend are you using ? Hyperspin ? Thanks in advance ! btw.: really nice built
  4. I'd buy a 21,3" monitor - also 4:3 - it's the biggest size you can get. I'm using one in my cabinet and I'm very happy with it model: SAMSUNG 214T outer dimensions: 46.9cm x 36.1cm screen size: 54.3cm native resolution: 1600x1200
  5. WOW !!! Nice idea !! --> I love it ! .... I'm curious to see how it looks like when it's finished.
  6. I think so ! My i7 950 plays NFL Blitz in 32bit Mame with fullspeed. The 64bit Version is even said to run faster. The AMD is about the same speed as my i7 950i. PassMark CPU Benchmark Listl
  7. My 21" 4:3 is actually the Syncmaster SM-214T - especially in combination with a 6mm grey tinted glass and a SLG-3000 its perfect as an Arcade+Pinball solution. I'm very happy with it ! Only if you seldom play Arcade games and mostly play pinball I think the 16:9 inch may be better.
  8. I do use the IL Euro Sticks at the moment, but I thought they are a 100% copy of the original Happ Competition joysticks. I never played on Happ sticks, but I can't believe that they have twice the travel as the IL Euro sticks - that would be unplayable..... I'm looking forward to play on my SANWA JLFs - have different springs and actuators, bat and balltop, original and cherry switches and an octagonal gate - can adjust them to my preferences.
  9. Very nice ! Best looking Fight Sticks I've seen so far ! Especially the one with the ball top i like a lot - imho this one also has the better button layout - do not like 3 buttons on a straight line - not ergonomically - I know - It's the original layout. I'll exchange my competition joysticks -- Sanwa YLFs are laying around.... - The competition joysticks are to inaccurate and have to much travel.
  10. How do you change to "Flat-Mode" in Future Pinball ? I don't know !?!
  11. No, it's not a cocktail - it's an upright cab....
  12. I've a selfrotating 4:3 monitor and play future pinball on it. Works perfectly in 1200x1600. --> I'd definately go with a 4:3 screen if you do not want to just play pinball.
  13. I've bought such an amplifier on eBay: http://www.ebay.de/itm/Lepai-838-2-1-mini-Auto-Motorrad-Verstarker-car-amplifier-super-bass-de-/140753444758?pt=CE_Auto_Hi_Fi_Autoverst%C3%A4rker&hash=item20c58f1f96#ht_1539wt_1163 with the extra built in subwoofer chanel it has a lot of bass. (just the potentiometer for adjustment isn't chosen to well...) @mameshane: Why do the others connect the ground to the mainboard - are there any interferences ? I do have some light interferences sometimes - littele bit of crackling in the background. You can hear the crackling while copying files or moving windows on the desktop. Since it's not the Cinch Audio cable I know it's the fact that I power it via the computer power supply. I've a 12V power filter to stabilize the power supply and filter out the interferences for the audio amplifier. Hope that'll work...
  14. Yes ! You can do it with the PACLed64 and LedBlinky. That's also the way I want to go. I've ordered the LedBlinky about 2weeks ago and a bunch of RGB leds, too. Also wanted to use this kind of combination - inner black and outer translucent. Only want to light the outer ring of the buttons when the chosen game supports it. (NEO GEO colours when playing NEO GEO games)
  15. @Titanusss: Which themes do have problems ? I'm just using the Hyperspin 1.3 and the there was a problem with the asteroids theme - I got a black screen. But after exchanging it the problem was solved.
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