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  1. I will take a look at that. Thanks!
  2. @Woosdom No I didn't buy anything from anyone. I built this out myself. I've been playing with it for the last 6 months or so. I want to build a cabinet for it eventually but it may be a while so I've just been working on the hardware and getting the software and games sorted out and functioning.
  3. That MSI gtx 750 ti is only 130 bucks on newegg. I think I'll pick one up here within the next few months hopefully. From what I can find it seems that the 750 ti is the best I can get in a Low Profile style. @Aorin, Thanks I will definitely take a look at what you posted! It would be great to take care of the metal slug issues because it would be fun to play those now! I've only noticed it in the metal slug games and they start out fine. But after you play for a few minutes and there is a lot going on within the screen it just "slows down" a bit. Like it's struggleing. It's still playable but also noticeable. Also if I try and play the taito typeX street fighter II on higher resolution settings it would also go from playing fine to Slowing down to a crawl. EDIT: will that patch work for a rom? From what it looks like it is for the actual cart.
  4. Currently I have a low profile HP PC running my build. The specs are I5-2500 @3.30ghz, 16gb ram and a Geforce GT610 1gig GPU. I'm running MAME, retroarch (NES, SNES, NES64, GENESIS) and Daphne emulators. Currently my PC will slow down when playing MetalSlug through Mame. I'm also trying to include some Taito Type X arcade games that you can find online. I have Street Fighter 2 "working" but it only plays at low res on a 20inch monitor. Of course I'd like to also get a larger monitor for this build and play it at full res. So all that being said I'm limited in video card choices with the low profile case. I'm wondering if the attached card would be sufficient with my build to play what I currently have running? Also what kind of head room with emulators would I have? If this would be enough I'll pull the trigger on one by Christmas but if not then I may be looking at trying to port out my parts into a full size case of some sorts. I don't have a cabinet build or I would look at just ditching the case all together. Thanks in advance for any advice you may have!
  5. I don't see a link to the kit your asking opinions on. As far as the case or no case is concerned it's really up to you. You can get away with finding a way to mount all your components inside without an actual PC enclosure. I would just make sure they are all properly and securely fastened down so they don't rattle around and can be damaged. Also make sure you add some cooling to bring air though the machine or your parts can get pretty hot in a small closed space.
  6. Interesting ideas! I will try reaching out on deviant to the artists themselves. I have time before I'm going to get going on this build so I will keep plugging away and finding/creating art. I'll post back when I have something I can show and get some opinions on. And of course if anyone else has any suggestions or finds something they thing would be usable feel free to hit me up or post here in this thread! Thanks gain guys!
  7. Thank you so much for the suggestion. I created an account and did In fact find a lot of good stuff on there. However i'm not finding anything that would print out large enough.
  8. I'm kind of liking the idea of doing a Spawn cabinet. Thinking of calling it "The Cave Arcade Spawn cab" Something like that. "cave" since it's going to live In basement man cave. I'll design a cool "Cave Arcade" logo for the Marquee. Problem is i'm not finding much art that would be useable for the side art. Finding a ton of good stuff but not large enough to blow up big enough for the sides. If anyone knows any good stuff let me know! Thanks!
  9. the image I put up here is lower res. I just saved png file from the actual illustrator file. but good idea about trying to print out a portion of it.
  10. OK I think I figured it out. I'm a bone head. Anyway this is just a rough idea I was playing around with. I'm using PDX's template and trying to create some button graphics wich I'm still working on as you can see. It's been a while since I've used Illustrator and that's not my strong point! Hopeing the image is high enough quality where it would print out ok. This is just a small png copy and not the original of course Anyway this is just a rough draft attempt. Thanks.
  11. I can't for the life of me seem to be able to link a picture. I click the little "image" button above and I get a little window where I can past the url. But I cannot get that window to go away. If I close I get some message about "some options have changed". It's obviously working because you guys' can add images.
  12. Silly question. How do you upload pictures here? Do I have to link them from an outside source?
  13. Thanks I'll keep looking for high res art. I started looking for high res windows wallpaper that I may be able to cut up with photoshop. I'll keep searching. I think I'm leaning toward a cool fighter theme. But I'd like to use more adult images. Not to say not kid friendly but you know not super cartoony. More "cool" if that makes sense. Yours looks awesome btw!
  14. So as you may have seen from some of my other posts I'm in the "figuring things out" stage . I'm narrowing my cab design and I think I'm getting a handle on how to go about building it out. But as I've read I want to start thinking graphics as this will I'm sure be a long and tedious task. I know I can pay for custom art and I'm sure it would be killer but I'm trying to keep costs down where ever I can! I'm no stranger to photoshop and Illustrator and I'm pretty confident I can come up with something. However I don't have the skills to draw things and produce them digitally from scratch. So I'm confused as where one would get quality free graphics to begin working with a design? I'm guessing I would need to find high quality vector images? Just looking at google images may not cut it other then giving me ideas. I know enough about graphics and printing to know I can't just use a small jpg file and expect to have that printed out for quality side art. I would however plan on putting money into having the artwork professionally printed and would look at using the link that is stickied in this forum. Again as always I really appreciate all the advice I get from these boards and getting great ideas from others and their builds! Thanks in advance!
  15. Ahh OK I see. So I did find the actual Led lights for the sticks. So those you just add below in the recess and it glows through. Do you use a special piece that allows the light through or will the part that comes with the stick work? Cool Thanks! It's starting to come together. I'm not sure when I'll get the green light from the misses to start this project but I'm starting to get my plans together. First stage obviously will be to get some wood and start building the cab. Hopeing to start that this winter. So I have a little time until I start wiring up buttons and sticks. Still good to understand how I can get things to work and where to get them. Another thing I'm having a hard time figuring out is what your using for a bezel around the monitor? Is it that you just have a tinted piece of plexi glass covering the monitor?
  16. Thanks guys! I've been doing a lot of looking on the internet at different builds. I may be able to figure out my sides and figure out how to get them onto the sheet of plywood. Question though that i'm not sure about. How high is a typical cab from top to bottom? I'm a tall guy measuring in at 6'4". I want it to be comfortable for all.
  17. I love your build! I have most of my software configured and working. Now I'm looking at figuring out my cabinet design. And what I'd like to do is very similar to your project. I'm just in the "figuring" it all out stages and the wood working isn't my strong point but I think I handle it. I'm trying to find the right design for the sides and yours looks like what I'm looking for. You said you'd maybe get the template for your sides posted. I see the link to the control board but not the sides unless I missed them? EDIT: I think I found them on your facebook page. I must say I spent a lot of time going through the images on your face book page and you do some killer work! I also have a few questions on the sticks, spinner, and trackball. I found the RGB LED buttons, however I'm wondering how you get the rgb light effect though the base of the sticks? The Ultimarc ones I found online don't have any rgb led along with them.
  18. I've been playing with hyperspin for the last 6 months or so and have the software well on it's way and configured for the majority of the systems that I want to play. I would love to get started in the near future on the building of the cabinet. I've done a ton of searching for designs and have found a few that could work with some modification. I'm kind of hung up actually getting a design from the computer to the actual wood to make my final cuts. I'm also not a designer and not proficient with autocad or inventor. I maybe able however to get someone who is to mock them up for me if that would be the best way to start. Thanks for any advice you can provide in a newb getting started on this type of project. P.S. Also what I was kind of planning to do for the control board is at first (because cost is a big factor right now) is to design the control board "box" to incorporate my already owned tank stick so it would basically sit inside the control boards "box". Then have the ability to later take that out and create an actual real control board down the road. Does that sound feasible? It would probably be easier to just build the control board while doing the cab. I just don't know how much that would run me? I'd want to do it nice with light up buttons and such I'd probably be looking to do a 4 person board with trackball, spinner, side and front buttons for pinball and other sytem type controls ie view favorites, back, esc etc, and of corse the player 1 and 2 buttons. I guess each player could have 8 bottons, or would that be over kill?
  19. Hi guys, I'm planning to build a cabinet in time but until then I'm trying to get things setup and working with all the bugs worked out. My big struggle has been controls so I need some expert advice. I'm going to try and break down what I want to do and I'm pretty sure I can't be the only one to want this type of setup so I'm hoping to figure out the best way to achieve this. Right now I have an Xarcade tanks stick with track ball. This right now basically just mapps keyboard commands which I then map to controls within my emulators. I also have 2 usb NES controllers I ordered online for like 8 bucks a piece. I am mainly using mame and retroarch for now as my emulators. For the mame (classic arcade games) I plan to really only use the control board like a real arcade cab. So for the usb nes controllers I am using a version of Xpadder to map the buttons of the controllers to keyboard keys. My plan was to use the same main buttons and controls that the tank stick uses so within the emulator the setup will be the same for either the tank stick or a usb nes controller. For instance player one I use up arrorw, down arrow, etc, Z, X as the main buttons. I use these for both the tank stick and usb nes controller. Player 2 I use keypad 8 for up, keypad2 for down etc, then n,m for a and b. In theory whether I use the tank stick or a nes usb controller they both work. Now when I have the cabinet built I want it so this all runs smoothly and without issue or need to go into the Pc and make sure xpadder is running and loading the default profiles. Also I want to not have the usb controllers always plugged in so while in hyperspin if someone decides to play NES and then plug in a usb controller or both they are recognized by hypersin/rocketlauncher and they just work. In order for that to happen do I need to get xpadder configured correctly within rocketlauncher? I saw areas to do so but it was very confusing to say the least. I hope this all makes sense!
  20. I actually just turned the fade out part off. I actually like it better that way anyway. Thanks as always!
  21. It's only the images that display when you exit a game. It's the "Game Over", Mario and the princes etc. images. Everything else looks fine. And it dose not happen on my pc that is setup at home on a 20" wide screen monitor. Not the end of the world really. I was just hoping it was an easy setting within rocketlauncher. I suppose I should probably post this on their forums! Just realized I was asking this on the hyperspin boards.
  22. Hi guys, I just moved to a big screen tv. One weird thing I see is when I exit out of a game it's going back into hyperspin the graphics do not fit the screen like they did. Where is the option to change the size or is there? I figured it was in the area where you set the loading screens and bezzles but I can't seem to find it. Thanks in advance!
  23. Good point. Just if they are bringing air in. Typically in a PC case your front fans suck air into the case and your rear fan/fance exhaust air out. It pulls air through so you would not want anything on an exhaust type fan.
  24. Well I spoke to soon again. Not sure exactly what I did or didn't do before. But I think I got it work now. I did change it to Ttxshell.exe and things seem to be good. I know at one point I did that however it's entirely possible I did that in one of the different streetfighter games as there are 3 versions of the same game. But of them I did have pointing to the same launcher. But I guess the fade info is different. Anyway after you mess with thigs long enough it's hard to remember what you did or didn't do. I'll keep my eye on it and start trying to get a few more working! thanks for all your help both of you!
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