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  1. So I have the pc that I am working on with Hyperspin to run all my systems. Some day I plan to build the cabinet but for now I'm debating on upgrading the video card. I forget what's in now but it's working fine for everything but I want to get going on more high-end emulation like Tytotype X and maybe even PS2 etc. Would something like this be sufficient or should I just spend the extra 70 bucks or so and get something like a 1050ti? My pc is a small formfactor case so that's why these are the small formfactor cards. If I was building the cabinet soonish I'd probably just look to do an open air make shit type test best for the pc components and not worry about the card size but that won't be for a while and I'd like to get this upgraded now. Thanks for any advice. https://www.amazon.com/EVGA-GeForce-Profile-Graphic-02G-P4-6333-KR/dp/B071LGVBDM/ref=sr_1_12?dchild=1&keywords=low+profile+video+card&qid=1586452158&sr=8-12 https://www.amazon.com/Gigabyte-Geforce-Profile-Graphic-GV-N105TOC-4GL/dp/B06WWLWWJM/ref=sr_1_13?dchild=1&keywords=low+profile+video+card&qid=1586452118&sr=8-13
  2. I setup hyperspin a few years back and have things working pretty well. I'm not getting back to playing with all this as the end goal in a few years will be to build an actual Arcade cab. I currently have a few systems setup and had already downloaded the majority of the art and snaps etc. But going forward when setting up new systems I'd like to just use hypersync and let it do all the hard work. My question is If I set this up and Sync on an already setup system to maybe catch any snaps or box art I may be missing Do I want to tell it to update the database or will that mess things up? I'm guessing it will overwrite my already downloaded art and tuff so I could just make a copy or rename the current game folder just in case? Thanks in advance.
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    Hey guys, I was working with building an arcade machine a few years ago. I had it pretty well along but ended up moving and life got in the way. I'm just now booting up the pc again and getting it patched up with the latest greatest windows version. I'm trying to refamiliarize myself with all this and just wanted to make sure I'm running the most current versions of things. My hyperspin exe shows it's 1.5.1. Rocket launcher didn't ask for updates so I'm guessing that's up to date but I'll pay a visit over to their site as well. Looks like 1.5 is the latest greatest?
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