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  1. Also wanted to follow up and say that I have added the exe and folders as exceptions in Windows Defender already.
  2. I have been looking to add to ePSXe and demul to my Hyperspin wheels; however, after downloading both applications, I am having an issue. I go to set up ePSXe and when i click the .exe it only runs in the Background Processes. No window appears. When entering Task manager, I notice ePSXe and demul running in "Background Processes". I haven't got any help on Windows forums; hoping my fellow hyperspinners know what to do here. I have an alienware alpha running windows 10 if that helps anyone in deciphering this issue.
  3. I have been able to use Shield controllers to control hypserspin, no real issues; however, I am not able to launch a game or use the controls in the emulators at all. Hoping for some clarity or help here, cant find anything on the web to fix this!
  4. Has there been any resolve here with using Shield controllers with Hyperspin via moonlight or NVidea GameStream?
  5. I will give that a shot! Will this also autoset the controls for my xbox 360 controller for hyperspin?
  6. Trying to make my hyperspin a controller only based application for ease of arcade use; however, I am noticing that the scrolling is very difficult with controller (it goes way too fast). Any idea how to slow this down significantly? I figured there would be a setting in HyperHQ
  7. Sorry if anything was repetitive, I dont believe I posted how to update my emulators but I will take your word for it.
  8. This question might be unneccessary or abstract; however, I am about to complete this build and happy to get things going when I realized that most of my emulators will have made significant updates in the past months or moving forward (focusing heavily on things like PSX2 and Dolphin, maybe even CEMU). What is the best practice to update emulators? Is this as easy as deleting the .exe of one and downloading the other to same filepath? I am not the greatest with this by any means and do not want to destroy all my work if I can get this off the ground. Would this be as simple as adjusting the .ini's to reflect the new emulator filepath? Working off of a Alienware Alpha if that changes anything.
  9. Which system did you pick up? base model or i5 or i7? Secondly, your alpha isnt where your hyperspin are currently playing on/ the bulk of the work in on another pc? Just trying to really grasp what I need. Goal is to emulate up to Gamecube (maybe even PS2 if it has the juice!)
  10. has anyone tried Hyperspin on an Alienware Alpha? I know it has full windows 10 capabilities in desktop mode, just wondering if this is an option as I look to get a strong gaming pc without a crazy pricetag. If you have other good options, please let me know! Lastly, I am looking to utilize Hyperspin with Moonlight (stream to other devices). I have a raspberry pi3 and a shield tv. This alienware alpha would work as my "hub" where hyperspin lives and the streams would go to the seperate systems via moonlight (or perhaps through Steam? Idk if thats a possiblity). Anyone working with this set-up or have any ideas there if it should work or not? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hey everyone, I am looking to purchase a higher end pc and wondering if Hypserspin is compatible with Windows 10. I noticed that people were having issues with Windows 8 originally but noticed some are having no problem at all. Would you advise against purchasing a windows 10? The sole purpose would not be for Hyperspin but i would love to have it finally working!
  12. I have figured out the situation for anyone experiencing the same problems. The harddrive was created ith NTFS file types and is not read-write enabled on some PC's and all Mac's. There are a few programs that will allow a user to access NTFS file types to edit files, add files, and delete files which have helped me solve this issue without having to reformat my large harddrive and remove all files. For how to's on this process for Mac Users: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIjS5jDigwE Hope i helped at least one person beside myself! Now to start the fun of editing my files and unzipping 500+ Gig's...
  13. I have not formatted this, it still has all of my initial set-up from my computer on it. This is just since I plugged it into my shield tv. I have a mac (could that be an issue?). I am going to see if the "locked" files is activated (reading it about it online as a common issue) and I will let u know if this does the trick.
  14. Correct. I cannot edit, compress, unzip, delete, or add to this harddrive or any of its files on my computer. I can copy the a file onto my computer, and then unzip it just fine, but then i cannot add the unzipped file back to the harddrive as I cannot add anything to the harddrive. I cannot even edit the .ini files to correctly select filepaths and exe's. Please help haha
  15. If I am looking into the harddrive on my computer, I am unable to edit or delete anything. IT is a Seagate 3.0 expansion drive. Is there a way to get around this? I may go the route of setting it up on the internal and only using the harddrive as a data base, however this will not help me with the unzipping unfortunately.
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