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  1. Hey. Couple of more footnotes. This was done before PUAE (that I use myself also now) even was available, the (AGA) tag was according to DB guideline recommendations only. And to be clear, I removed games that had "demo" in the WHDload name, so the mag games, extra level type games, are still there.
  2. https://diskmach.wordpress.com/2019/10/14/commodore-amiga-database/ Some details are explained there. In addition I can say that the naming will be revised later on, probably when the logo set is complete. We are two guys reworking the logos to get them, in our eyes, more accurate and higher quality than they were previously available.
  3. It does seem plausible that they just messed up the English at some point. I have seen it before. I wouldn't trust dot or no dot too much though, as in practice transliterating English words seems to turn out in different ways. Yet, here we have a game that has the same name (except for the "The" then) in English on both the English and Japanese game art. So, what should we go with? Well, it's always a judgment call of course. But to me, cover name is quite convincing. Even if it was a possible mistake. ?
  4. Sorry, but the naming of "Contra The Hard Corps" as something else doesn't seem right, as it has just that in English both on the spine and on top of the cart. https://item.mercari.com/jp/m99319650704/?_s=U2FsdGVkX18971IH3J3eGTJ9V8OU4LGgJjgiRXKjwyFTMol9C9e67eECkU8pWCh88aiVxSdX1RnunlloFAfIp-S123h_efXQCu8ZfzIwIBTfi8IqXqU4kggO94JX9swg ハードコア "haadokoa" in katakana is an approximation of what the English name sounds like to the Japanese. Also they normally don't use space in Japanese, altho sometimes it can be indicated by a dot to make something extra clear. They also don't use article, so it's up to you to pick if it should have the or not. So "haadokoa" could possibly translate back as Hardcorps, the Hardcorps, Hard Corps, the Hard Corps, Hardcore, the Hardcore, Hard Core, the Hard Core. So it's not clear just looking at the katakana.
  5. Database has been updated, so better get it from the source. Look two comments up.
  6. Thanks for trying anyway. My 3DS logos for example are still not showing, so I guess they weren't among the lucky 25,000...?
  7. Yeah, it's more about "preservation of Hyperspin forums history". ? And that I don't look like a slacker, all those links gone, or that I wouldn't keep the Imgur links up. ? Don't think I will be fixing 2000 links manually, though....
  8. Thanks for looking into it. Can't see that it works here, though, maybe some problem still with older posts? If I find a random old post I did: Images are not showing up. If I copy the image address and remove the Hyperspin part the image is showing though? Edit: Yours is a direct link. So would it be possible to batch fix old links?
  9. Any way to get Imgur links to show up? Still not working.
  10. FYI, I have made a preliminary 3DS eShop curated database with metadata. Get it now from https://diskmach.wordpress.com/2019/09/01/nintendo-3ds-eshop-database/ Thanks for the inspiration @AK45
  11. On the other hand I saw that Xeodrifter is only in DLC and nowhere else to be found. Weird. Maybe you need to go through that anyway... ?
  12. You might not want to include DLC's when you do the DB, or you'll get things like Conception II - Children of the Seven Stars (Europe) in the DB, that is a retail game, only DLC is eShop. You should also do a manual search for dupes that have different names across regions, like Chibi-Robo! Photo Finder (USA) and Chibi-Robo! Let's Go, Photo! (Europe). Although some may argue against it, I also think it might make sense to exclude games that are in the retail database, like Alien Chaos 3D or Crash City Mayhem.
  13. Thanks. If you can find the last remaining in good quality, large enough, even from eBay, I could rebuild that for you as well. I'm going to ask if you could please release the 2D scans/worked-on 2D fronts in high resolution? And/or release a 2D set as well with just the box fronts? Or should I say inlays?
  14. Updates to this will now be at my new Game Art blog at: https://diskmach.wordpress.com I have posted and will post high quality art for various systems that haven't been posted before. Check it out.
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