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  1. Thanks for trying anyway. My 3DS logos for example are still not showing, so I guess they weren't among the lucky 25,000...😉
  2. Yeah, it's more about "preservation of Hyperspin forums history". 😉 And that I don't look like a slacker, all those links gone, or that I wouldn't keep the Imgur links up. 😉 Don't think I will be fixing 2000 links manually, though....
  3. Thanks for looking into it. Can't see that it works here, though, maybe some problem still with older posts? If I find a random old post I did: Images are not showing up. If I copy the image address and remove the Hyperspin part the image is showing though? Edit: Yours is a direct link. So would it be possible to batch fix old links?
  4. Any way to get Imgur links to show up? Still not working.
  5. Updates to this will now be at my new Game Art blog at: https://diskmach.wordpress.com I have posted and will post high quality art for various systems that haven't been posted before. Check it out.
  6. GLOBAL - General Settings - RocketLauncher - Base Settings - Emulator Idle Shutdown. В миллисекундах.
  7. Watch out, or you might waste a couple of years setting up that brain emulator properly...
  8. You might be a bit slow at fighters after you passed 80...😂
  9. I haven't abandoned this project, so at one or other point in place and time there will be updates.
  10. I just learnt that the developer of Padstarr, Robert J. Kulanko, has passed away at the age of 36. Rest in peace, Rob. We don't know what this will mean for Padstarr's future, as Rob was the sole developer. It's fully functional but could do with some bugfixes. Afaik, Rob's family might try to sell the code. We'll just have to wait and see. If you buy a license now, you'll just get the admin key from one of the admins, as there is nobody that manages the standard licenses right now.
  11. Problem with MESS chez moi was scrambled video I believe. Although this was way back when..
  12. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. You will never find it out...🤣 Couldn't get MESS to work properly with this.
  13. I meant right as in "correct", didn't remember which one it was. 😀 Glad it helped.
  14. Iirc, you have to press the right key to get the game started. Before you do that, the screen is just black. Hope this helps, I'm on the phone, so can't check.
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