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  1. How do you guys secure your glass to your cabinet builds?
  2. I just downloaded and get an rror when trying to run a table: Must be in th sam directory as Hyprpin.ex Not sure what this means???? I had to change hyperpin.exe to VirtualPin.exe
  3. No it's not available yet. You have to run games via command prompt but it's pretty easy too. The instructions are on the site if you can't find them PM me.
  4. Tried it last night and very cool. Tried SWT one of my favs. It was awesome. It runs a little slow on my pc but not to terrible. If it becomes 100% emulated for sound it will be time for a new pc and graphics card
  5. This is a really nice list. Thank you for making this with all of the links. Great Job.
  6. The program is telling you it can't find the table 2001. Either you don't have the table, don't have future pinball exe, don't have the exe in the proper location, or you have the table named wrong for what hyperpin is trying to recognize it as. If you haven't downloaded the table it won't be there. Make sure the table is not zipped. If it is unzip it. Make sure it has the same name as the Future pinball Database file. If you need help I can try to assist you but you have to have the things I mentioned above in the right places. Check out the help file provided as well.
  7. Sorry I couldn't help. I'm sure someone will figure it out. Maybe try uninstalling flash and reinstalling. Did you install the toolsack baseline installer first as BadBoyBill described? Also did you download the version 2 of Monopoly Table?
  8. I believe mine looks like that too but if you hit the "I" key it blows it up and you should see it very clear. Perhaps you have to run flash as admin or xp mode. Just a thought.
  9. Billpa's right, try running VP as administrator. Right click on the exe and go into properites. Click the compatibilty tab and click Run this program as Admistrator. See if that helps. You can also click Run program in compatabilty mode for Windows XP as if it that helps. Good Luck and let us know if any improvement.
  10. I tried the new version. I had the ball disappear initially by the flippers and then reappeared a second later. This only happened once, and played about 10 games. I will say the ball moves really fast. Probably how you designed it though. Otherwise everything is A ok. Great job Bill.
  11. JP is a gentleman and a scholar. I absolutely love all of his tables.
  12. Playing on 2 monitors (DMD second). Play seems steady. Flashers are absolutely awesome. Note some slowing of the ball but it is slight. One thing I noted is that when the ball hits the bank hard it comes right back down fast down the middle. Don't know if that is normal physics or not. Reported before about the ball getting stuck on the right side plastic. This only happened that one time. My SPecs are: Compaq Presario AMD AthlonTM 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor 4000+, RAM 2GB, HArd Drive 1TB Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT OC 1GB GDDR3 PS: If you haven't heard - Brett Farve is a Viking
  13. Ok so far it is working just fine on my system. I haven't hit multiball yet though. I did find a bug. I just started a game and while playing the ball got stuck behind the plastic above where the flipper rotates around and around (the plastic above the hole). I could not shake it out and ended up getting a tilt and nothing will happen now. I will try to get multiball. If everything is fine I put up my specs and shoot a video.
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