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  1. Hey just became aware of this thread. I was over at vpf inquiring about a mini cab, when brad contacted me about this. I'm not really sure what happened to Charles(hacker). Haven't heard from him in over a year. I really appreciate all the donations. I've been trying to get a cabinet for years now just haven't had the money to do it right. I'm currently in a situation now where I have about 2 weeks left at one of my jobs and then the business is closing it's doors. I'm losing half my income so I'm in a tight spot for Christmas and my sons second birthday next week. Just thought of come by and thank everyone involved and try to show some appreciation for them and the community as a whole. I've been chipping away at a really nice monster bash update and I just started working on the design stage of an original table for the vpcabs guys. Thanks to all and happy holidays
  2. Hey Unclewilly, quick question. I have downloaded the table and rom for ripleys believe it or not for my hyperpin but I get no table sounds....I just get sounds from the bumpers and flippers.....the table volume is up also. Any ideas? All my other tables work fine.

  3. I had a question just to see if this is possible. Can you use multiple versions of pinmame and have the fplaunch rename the fplaunch.dll files at table launch. I know vpman allows you to choose between different versions of pinmame. I have just found that some games play better on older pinmames, not sure why. Just wondering if this is possible or if i need to figure a way to do it through the table script
  4. If i do do a night mod, i may change the physics a little. I'll get to it soon. I have a lot of tables comming: comet, fathom, silverball mania special edition, streetfighter 2, black hole, blackout with full gi effects, TOM, TOTAN, Big bang bar, And a few others i cant think of right off hand

  5. it's going to be a little bit, i'm coding a few tables for other people, and gathering all the resources for it, i'll be working on it along with comet

  6. Hey UW,

    How long before i can sample Pinbot i hear u are working on this?

    Is this true??




  8. I'll put it on my list, but it's about six or seven tables back

  9. unclewilly is there any way you could make a (night) Elvira & the Party Monsters i would pay you...

  10. Where might your tables be found for download?

  11. Mmmm not.. the plastics only the PDF i send you…

    Maybe pm to http://www.firepowerpinball.com/ to fil@firepowerpinball.com to phil… are great person… maybe have a great scans of plastics!!!

    Dont work my outlook... sorry

  12. scott you recive my email??

  13. Scott .. any change/news on the VP Flash WIP you said you would send me to try out for you?



  14. HEY Scott, Martin Brunker with my friend of Argentina too JOLO, owner of Seawitch, do the Seawitch in Future Pinball.


    I belive its great to announciate, ask to permission. ok? thanks!

  15. Scott .. if you come across an FS converted table (f.i. Simpsons Pinball Party - Groni) you would do me a huge favour! My lips are sealed ;)

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