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  1. Hi guys! I recently finished my newest project and thought I would share it. If I can figure out how to upload photos here I will do that too. As with most MAME projects, the majority of the time is in the software. We had a difficult time getting both guns to work in MAME, and after pulling our hair out for a couple of days we found a thread mentioning that dual light gun support is broken in the newest version. We got an older version and BOOM. There is still some software work a head. I have not tried to tackle dual light guns in M2. I may not bother. I used the Ultimarc AimTrak guns. They had the best reviews in my research. They function very well. While it is impossible to get them optimized perfectly for every game, after some long hours in the individual game calibrations, I have the happiest medium I think I will find. Some games work much better (and more accurately) than others. For example the hunting games are dead center at the middle of the screen, but end up about 2" off at the sides. I don't know if there is anyway to correct for that. Also some games play better at different distances. Overall, I am very please with it. There are probably a handful of games that play terrific, and the rest have their issues. We used 2 nanoLED USB controllers and LEDBlinky to automate. The holsters are 3D printed. The original speakers are being used along with a super cheap 5W amp and a 100W yamaha subwoofer. We used a Windows 7 PC. I hate the load times, but sadly the aimtraks only work with windows. Nano Led AimTraks Maquee RGB LED Lights JUST fit in the buttons CP Art Custom TV & Marquee Stand Painted Marquee Maquee and Tv Mounted CP Attached Finished Sorry Guys! I Don't know why some of the photos are rotated :/
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