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  1. Hello Bro the theme of Mame Player's Edge Plus (XM00005P+XMP00004) Multi-Poker (4:3) 1.0.0 is missing thanks for all your Hard work with this Themes

  2. Podrías decirme por favor dónde conseguir los vídeos con el background para el homealone 2 de Tiger handheld así como los de Game and watch para los que no posteaste el fichero de vídeo? Hay alguna página en concreto? Saludos y gracias de antemano

  3. Home Alone (handheld) 1.0.0 missing the flv. has the zip twice

    1. Publio


      i Will upload them later on

  4. Transformers Genration 2 (handheld) 1.0.0  is missing the zip file and has  flv two times

  5. hy the transformers 2 zip is missing two times the flv to download

    1. Publio


      Ok. will post it again

    2. jcm9800


      thanks bro


  6. hello publio thanks for all the themes that you make for the handhelds can you upload jurassic park once more because the theme is missing and the update link zip dont work thanks for all your work with this i love them

    1. Publio


      Uploaded. Try it now

    2. jcm9800


      thanks bro now its working 👍

  7. unable to download the Jurassic park zip file, can you reupload it


  8. hey, is there a video file for this?


    Batman The Animated Series (handheld) 1.0.0

  9. Publio


  10. Publio


    chkndraw.png View File Hyperspin mame wheel corresponding to chicken draw, This is my first wheel. Hope you like it Submitter Publio Submitted 12/13/2016 Category Wheel Packs HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
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