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  1. My aplogies sir...you all have the same style font and name. Forgive my confusion.
  2. I bought a USB drive from a company called Hyperspin that contained 800 games.
  3. Well I still get the impression that it's a very grey area, and is really left up to the individual. Using a current title is one thing for sure...using classic Donkey Kong, Street Fighter and Megaman is another. Buying art for the machine from a company is the same thing really. I can either buy it from them, or I can use the HD art from Hyperspin, and some plexi-glass and make it myself. Is that illegal? I would say not because other companies are doing it, and I want to do it myself verses paying them. Am I wrong or am I right. There can be only one answer...
  4. Your right that I did want to start a arcade business in my home town, and did my research, or at least I thought I did. You mean to tell me that companies can sell roms, emulators, jamma boards, coin op's,joy sticks etc...and expect people not to get the impression that you can start an arcade business? Please explain where I am backwards?
  5. Then how can hyperspin legally charge people for pirated material to us and not get a knock on their door? I can buy Jamma boards and old arcade games and open an arcade and charge .25 per game and it is not an issue. Just like I can buy this Hyperspin Usb drive and do the same...or at least thought I could. Looking or more info...
  6. Thank you very much for answering me so fast. Could I use an xbox since it is a microsoft based system?
  7. I am new to building arcades, and I want to know more. I have a classic Donkey Kong from 1981 Serial Number: 47547 Model Number: TKG4-UP-US, and I love this thing! I want to build newer arcades using hyperspin and maybe start a local retrocade, but there are so many options out there and it can be overwhelming guys. If you had 700.00 to investing to a machine what would you do?
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