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  1. ok ive got a wii mote and the dolphin bar working with the pc version of big buck hunter and nes lightgun games with nestopia but I can't get it to work properly with american laser games via daphne singe. The cross hair is just uncontrollable. it just moves straight across the screen and won't aim no matter what mode i select. Does anybody know how to fix this? Also is there a recommended version of mame to use with this setup for lightgun games?"
  2. now i got my mayflash dolphin bar today. It works great with Big Buck Hunter PC games and the wiimote dolphin and the wiimote but I can't seem to get it to work with the american laser games and my wiimote no matter which mode I select. I can aim and the 'A" button seems to make the reload sound but I can't fire. I'm guessing maybe I need to remap the keys so does anybody know how to do this in daphne singe?? also whilst i'm here whats the best wii gun case to put a wiimote in?
  3. can you use the wii remotes and the dolphin bar with American Laser games like Mad Dog Mcree and the PC Version of Big Buck Hunter?
  4. Hey Guys, haven't had to configure anything on hyperspin for a long time but just added sony psp. now i got hold of some themes/wheels/videos years ago for psp and hyperspin is showing all not just the games i have. how do i get it to show just the games i have? cheers johno
  5. Johno

    Mame Bezels

    in a previous version of mame that I had (which i have now lost due to a hdd crash) you could add a bezels pack to the artwork directory so when you run a game the bezel would fill the black spots on the screen so it looked better. whatever happened to that?
  6. Johno

    Mame Bezels

    anybody know if the bezels that dantediamond uploaded are still available as i can't find them in the ftp? also where can I get 16:9 bezels from now as the cooleywire link is dead?
  7. Thanks for all that. I'll give that a go. There's a "favourite" system theme in the download section which is the one I used on the old version of hyperspin so will use it again unless it doesn't work with the new version??
  8. ok I know this is an old thread but I'm fiunally getting around to updating my hyperspin to the new version so can you still set up a favourites wheel the same as this in the new version?
  9. solved my own problem thanks! hyperspin is AWESOME!
  10. ok i have my favourites wheel up and running but i am having trouble getting themes going for games from different systems. eg for my nes system there seems to be art and video for each game but not a theme as such that i can copy to the favourites wheel so doesn't look as good. any ideas what to do?
  11. well i answered my own question today and have .vpt and .zip running from my favourtites wheel. now does anyone have a good favourites wheel name text thingo as my just comes up as the default font on the main wheel as don't have a special favourites one??
  12. do the roms on your favourite wheel all have to have the same extension eg .zip? all my emulators bar visual pinball use .zip except visual pinball which is .vpt. am i able to get from favourite pinball tables into the favourites xml/wheel even though they are .vpt?
  13. thanks mate that worked a treat. Cheers for your help!
  14. Ok I have a favourites wheel setup on my main menu wheel and can load (as it's all I've set up so far) some mame, snes and nes games. theonly problem is with the mame games they show on the menu as eg dkong and not Donkey Kong like they do on the mame wheel. Any ideas how to fix this?
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