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  2. My current cabinet is a Core2Duo E8500 with a Geforce GTX730 (low end) card. I ran it with onboard video for a long time, and also a 8800GT for awhile (OLD card). All 8 bit consoles run fine. All 16 bit console run fine. Nintendo 64 runs fine. Sega CD / Sega 32x is fine. All the MAME games I care about play just fine. My son plays a few GameCube and Wii games (Dolphin) just fine, but not all of them run good. (Like stated above, Gauntlet is a pig and needs like an Core i5 to run smoothly) Some PS1 games are playable, but not all. But the majority of the PS1 catalog is RPG games anyway.. which don't make good arcade games anyway. Even a couple of PS2 games run good enough to play (Gradius and a couple of other side scrollers). Same problem as PS1 - more games are RPGs and not good arcade cabinet type games. (God of War is a no go though.... lol) I know I've played Crazy Taxi on Dreamcast on there too without issue. And a couple of Saturn games. Lots of Steam (Windows) based games that are arcade friendly run fine. Anyway... just because the entire game library won't run at 100%, doesn't mean you shouldn't try. You'd might be surprised.
  3. thanks. I must have missed that. And that wasn't the answer to my question. I asked if there was a command line option. Not a GUI option.
  4. Does Dolphin have a command line for this? I didn't see one. Manually doing every single game in a 600+ game system would be.....tedious.
  5. Pretty sure it can unzip and place them in a temporary folder. I don't know if it has any sort of time based file cleanup routine logic built in. I stopped using rocketlaunch on my cabinet quite awhile back.
  6. It's (Almost) a direct port from Xbox. Xbox uses Xinput.
  7. Some hope.... http://www.bluesnews.com/s/169202/street-fighter-v-fixes-and-features-planned
  8. I was going to buy it (SFV) yesterday, until I read a review that half the game is missing right now (no single player content, netplay code is a mess, etc). When they finish it in March, I'll re-evaluate.
  9. I saw this coming a long time ago... the hacks would only work so long. Microsoft just announced they are going to start cross-releasing XBox One games on Windows 10 at the same time. From a developer standpoint, why waste time on Direct Input or Keyboard, when you're going to put it on XBox anyway (XInput)? I put two of these in my cabinet long time ago, haven't regretted it. http://akishop-customs.com/PS360.html
  10. Do you have a wiimote compatible Bluetooth receiver? (The IR blaster is only half of it) If not, the dolphinbar is only $20.....
  11. Just to throw another idea out there... what I did for the GameCube and Wii games is setup a script to un-compress the game when it is played (if its not already un-compressed), and re-tag the current date-time on the uncompressed file to a temp folder. Then, everytime that game is played there after, the script first checks to see if the game has already been uncompressed in the temp folder, and restamps the file with the current date time after its played but before the cleanup routine. At the very end of the script there is a cleanup routine that deletes all files in the temp folder that are older than 45 days (adjustable, I just choose that to get started). So games that get played often don't have to deal with constant decompression. Ones that are played once, then never again eventually go back to being in an archive only state to save space.
  12. The Windows application 'crash dump' data points to a compatibility issues with 'windows.storage.dll' file. I'm guessing HyperHQ is calling the directly structure / explorer with some legacy method that Windows 10 just doesn't like. Unfortunately, I don't think there is much we can do about this. BadBoyBill is going to have to recode the application for Windows 10 support most likely. I did notice that the Windows 10 upgrade removed all of my Windows Defender (previously Security Essentials) exclusions. So I fixed that, noticing that the defender executable would spike the CPU when HyperHQ.exe launched.
  13. Ya, my initial 'fix' didn't last long. The crash almost seems system specific to be honest. Some systems I can add the ROM directory just fine, others it crashes instantly. I'm still messing around with it, but manually editing the .INI files is by far the quickest method.
  14. Funny, Iended up doing almost the same thing as zero dreams. d:\hyperspin d:\rocketlauncher (I honestly don't even use it anymore, so tired of the modules messing with emulator settings) d:\emulators\%emulatorname% d:\roms\%systemname% d:\ultilities I can move the drive / config to any computer and 99% of the things work.
  15. Not all programs can "see" a symbolic link. So if something doesn't work, suspect the symlink first. Just an FYI. HyperSpin seems to work just fine with it. (joy2key doesn't for the application profiler part) The thing with HyperSpin and all its media is its all small files. Small files = quick load times. And at any given time, you're loading what, 15 files max? (visible wheel images, current theme, video file, sound bit for transition, and the XML database when you open a system wheel). That just isn't enough data there to bog down a modern hard drive system these days. SSDs can greatly help dealing with unzipping disc image games on demand though... For the record my c:\HyperSpin\ folder (media and all) is on my SSD right now, with the folder symlink'd to d:\HyperSpin where it used to be. So I didn't have to mess with any path changes. I'm debating on moving it back. I don't need the SSD space for anything else right now, but if I do HyperSpin will be the first thing to get moved back to the 4TB spindle.
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