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  2. I'm building my second arcade cabinet this one just has mame as a single wheel my question is how do you exit out of favorites and not go back to the desktop but instead go to the main wheel four mame.
  3. Has anyone checked out the RGB led t molding that has been out for a while now. I wonder if I led with would be able to power It? their website says 16 feet drawls 6 amps. does anyone know of a good way to control it? I would like for it to be able to change color depending on system and flash during the attract mode. Any ideas I know the virtual pinball guys deal with devices that use a lot of power.
  4. "Mario's Time Machine" would be a good cartridge to use.
  5. Your cp is almost identical to the lay out in using. would you be interested in selling one of your control panel overlays?
  6. I am getting started building a cabinet for a good friend of mine that lives across town. we were wondering if there was a way we could sync highscores maybe by emailing a file to one another when a new score is achieved? the thing I'm worried about though is that when he emails me a file with a new score for say centipede it will erase recent scores on other games I have not synced with him. Is anyone doing something similar to this is there an easy way?
  7. I'm using a Geforce 760 in my cab. I just ordered a dvi to HDMI adapter I'm going to try that.
  8. Thanks giga, the cheap splitter that I bought works fine displaying the desktop on both TVs but when I switch to a game like Call of Duty Advance Warfare I get an error on both TVs that says signal type not supported do you think the amplified splitter you recommended would cure this problem?
  9. I've got one I'm just looking for the best way to split the signal
  10. Can I ask how you added the HDMI out? I just got a cheap HDMI splitter from eBay but I'm having lots of problems with it. I'm looking for a way to have the cab display and my wall mounted TV displaying at the same time.
  11. OK you've sold me on this. I hope their is a well written tutorial when this gets released, hint hint.
  12. I would love for the old commercials to show up in HyperPause Sent from my XT1030 using Tapatalk
  13. Was wondering if someone could suggest a good seed box provider. preferably around 1 TB of Hdd space
  14. Thanks for the help, I'm going to start to wire my CP up this weekend and just wanted I good starting point Sent from my SCH-I500 using Tapatalk
  15. Just wondering if most people's make the bottom left #7
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