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  1. Version 20090622


    Complete set of wheel art for the AAE Vector Arcade emulator. Some of the images are original work by me, and some of the better ones are shamelessly stolen from the many excellent MAME themes on this site. Special thanks to ogytork for the Tempest Tubes image.
  2. Sorry for the delayed response. I haven't been hanging out here lately. I just enabled email notification of PM's, so hopefully I will get notified when you respond to me.

    If you still want this renamed, just let me know and I will be happy to do it. Of course, I am in the final stages (only 12 to go) of finishing cleanup on the Sega 2D USA covers.

  3. Here is the dvd boxart for sega saturn usa and pal. Please name these according to the darkwater standard.


  4. Here:


    I did it last year, so it won't have any of the most recent No-Intro updates, but GBC has been pretty stable so I don't think there will have been many changes.

  5. yes. i'll try to get back to you later this weekend

  6. Is it possible to get your gameboy color XML file so i dont have to create it manually?

  7. The SSF videos are at the Emumovies FTP in my folder (Jochitko/Sega Saturn) in the work in progress folder.

  8. Yes, I did miss the announcement of your SSF videos. I would love to have them. Where are they?

  9. Sounds good! I made Saturn videos for all games that worked in SSF about two months ago in case you missed them :) Couldn't have amazing wheelart without videos, right? :P I'm pretty happy with them, although they still need the final edit by Circo. I hope you'll enjoy them also!

  10. Thanks! It was a *lot* of work, but I had fun. I haven't been around much lately because there is quite a bit of other Saturn work that needs to happen before it is Hyperspin friendly. There should be a major update of the Darkwater collection in the next few months. I've also been working on scanning the manuals so that it will actually be possible to figure out how to play the games. After the Darkwater update I am going to push for a naming standard change for Saturn in Hyperspin, and then I'll submit a renamed wheel and box art collection. Then it will be time to do videos, but I am not set up for video capture and SSF is not yet good enough to be worth doing the videos from. But for now, I've got 40+ games from eBay coming in next week that I need to get busy scanning. It looks like the HS 0.8->1.0 update is non-trivial as well.

  11. Hi StarControl

    just looking for a copy of your AAE wheel art please its nolonger on the site



  12. I have just started using you'r Sega Saturn wheel art and it looks absolutely incredible! Thank you for taking time in creating it.

  13. Well, definitely check out Xpath. But if you copy the lines over one at a time and don't change anything but the one line then you are not going to hurt anybody's configuration settings. In fact, if you find any sort of library routine that will do what you want I can guarantee you that under the hood it is copying the old file over to a temp file line by line, modifying what needs modifying as it goes and then overwriting the old file with the new file. It's not technically possible to modify a variable length field like that any other way. (Well, technically there is one other way, but it increases the possiblity of file corruption and requires platform-specific system calls so nobody uses that technique any more.)
  14. I like it! The videos are way too small for my taste, but the content is excellent! I was looking over the autohotkey documentation here: http://www.autohotkey.com/docs/commands.htm It looks like what you need to do is read the file in line by line, check each line to see if it needs changing and then write the lines out to a different file. When done you just rename the new file appropriately. I think these two pages should get you started: http://www.autohotkey.com/docs/commands/LoopReadFile.htm http://www.autohotkey.com/docs/commands/RegExReplace.htm I had to give up on Comic Rack this week. I was doing some hi-res 300dpi png manual scans for Saturn, and Comic Rack is puking on them. It is only showing about 2/3 of the width. Have you experienced anything like that? Here's a sample if you want to see what I mean: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ARLZV4C0
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