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  1. Yep, like you I have an AHK script which I have rolled into an executable which uses devcon to disable vjoy completely, no difference. It happens at random times, usually in a fight, sometimes after a few seconds in the menus. I have tried disconnecting the IPAC and using the keyboard only (and vice versa) and it still exhibits this behaviour. I have trawled through windows event logs as well and come up with nothing.
  2. I am using an IPAC 2 with this, and while I can map the buttons and sticks and they work fine, it's only for a short while before all input stops working, usually in the middle of a fight. The only way to get it working again is to either quit the game and start it again or use a usb controller (e.g. xbox pad) go into the menus for controls and just like magic the game will accept keyboard input again. I am pulling my hair out over this and nothing I have tried (vjoy, x360ce, plain keyboard input) works, it always ends up not working after 1 or 2 fights this is only when it's being controlled by ipac/keyboard, using a pad this does not happen. Reading about it online there are others with the issue, some believe it has something to do with if the fps dips. Needless to say it's unplayable for me in this state and being past the 2 hour limit for Steam refunds all I can do is wait for a patch.
  3. So this works fine, the only issue left though is when you start explorer.exe the taskbar pops and then goes away. I have tried messing with fade, relaunching hs (which just ensures focus) and even a third party app that will permanently make the taskbar invisible, the catch, only while explorer.exe is running. I may just have to deal with the taskbar popping up each time a game is launched that required vjoy. I will keep trying and if there are any other suggestions I would love to hear them
  4. I was on my merry way to forgoing the use of explorer.exe and instead shelling HyperSpin in Windows 10. Everything is working fine, computer boots up, runs an ahk script that starts a volume changing program, steam (in silent mode), waits 10 seconds and then starts HyperSpin. This is all fine and from bootup to playing a game you would have no idea Windows is running. My problem comes from running games in Steam that require an xinput gamepad as I am using an Ipac2. Before I shelled HyperSpin, I was getting around the gamepad problem by using ahk script to open vjoy as well as having x360ce.ini in game directories that require it. It seems Headsoft's Vjoy is completely incompatible when shelling HyperSpin, this is not HyperSpin's fault, more that VJoy seems to have a dependency on explorer.exe. I can start and disable Vjoy through a startup ahk script and then enable/disable in-game, but if explorer.exe is not running, this is ignored by the games and they just won't detect a gamepad. If I start up explorer.exe this problem goes away. I am about to give up on shelling HyperSpin and just doing my best to hide the desktop, notifications etc but thought I would ask here to see if anyone has found ways around this issue?
  5. Thanks for the update, at least I know it's not me
  6. This is not working for me today, it was working last week, is there a problem on the server end?
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