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  1. Thank you Josh for your amazing artwork!
  2. Spent a couple of hours hooking up the internals today, and it is finally finished! Huge thanks goes out to this community, could never have done this without you guys, SimplyAustin in particular.
  3. Plenty of faults not showing up on the pictures, but thank you
  4. Thank you, I made the engraved aluminium window bezel at work, got a couple of cnc milling machines. Thought it would be a nice detail for the CP
  5. Artwork designed by Josh White and printed by Brad, amazing quality and service from both!
  6. Long time lurker on these amazing forums, so I felt I had to make a post to thank the community for all the amazing tips and guides to finally build my own cabinet. Always wanted to have my own arcade cabinet since I was a kid, and watching SimplyAustin's guides and seeing the great builds on these forums made it possible. It's nothing too fancy, got Hyperspin almost how I want it, mainly focusing on MAME and the consoles I've owned over the years (NES, SNES, Sega) and an attempt to setup Amiga and DOSBOX, which is working but still a work-in-progress. Anyways, here's some photos of the cabinet, the artwork done by Josh White and prints by Brad Bowman are nothing short of amazing, huge thanks to both! (I got the original cabinet design from http://www.koenigs.dk/mame/eng/ and modified it a bit)