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  1. Doesn't seem to be anything larger than 26.5". I might just get what your suggesting. What controller hardware are you refering to? I needs something special for output?
  2. Hmmm... Looks perfect but demensions are a little small. Says its basicly 19" x 19". Unless they are wrong about the LxW. That what yours is? 19x19
  3. I am searching for a square/4:3 monitor that would fit my arcade cabinet. Which is about 25"x25". I am guessing around a 24" monitor/tv would fit. An company or site, monitor or TV, hell I would even consider a CRT! Thanks in advance!!
  4. Wolf5


  5. Sorry here is the correct link if your still having msvcp dll issues http://www.vgemu.com/v-g-e-forums?place=msg%2Fvgemu%2F9k3u6izCx5M%2FgXE8bAeqBQAJ
  6. Not sure what dll files your missing. The most common are the MSVCP dll. This shows you which ones you need. http://www.vgemu.com/v-g-e-forums?place=msg%2Fvgemu%2FNtN3EP_oi4M%2FKPd6IFmiBQAJ
  7. Does anyone one know of a good trusted site i can find illuminated "credit" or "coin" button?
  8. Wolf5

    Stella 4.5

    I finally got a little hands on and it seems to just run smoother. Other then that I don't see and big changes. UI is the same and every game I tested ran the same. Smooth and great.
  9. Wolf5

    Stella 4.5

    Stella 4.5 has been released. Stella is now C++, has anyone used it yet? Curious how it will run now and how much more improved it is? UI changes? You can get it here if you have not downloaded it yet. Let me know what your opinions are of the new change.
  10. They just updated it to the big 2.0. Wonder if they fixed alot of stuff. Again its all in Russian so I can;t read any of it or see whats been updated.
  11. Yeah I had no issues with 4DO with street fighter. And I agree with Brolly. Though they claim 99% I doubt it also. I would put my money on 4DO for being closer to 99% though I would think they are that either. I haven't had time to try Phoenix yet. But anyone know of an English translated version?
  12. If you can't get a working modual, try running it by its self to see if it runs better or fixes issues that are there in 4DO. Phoenix claims 99% comparability.
  13. I see 1.9 is the latest, but anyone know if there is an english version? I want to see it is better then 4DO
  14. I agree with you aorin1. Just love that it allows you to use images instead of needing ISO mounting or the discs. Someday it will catch up to the comparability of SSF. As long as they keep working on it.
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