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  1. stuck on mugen...learning the ropes of hyperspin so i can help others..thx nice cab...

  2. Anytime!!

    Yeah ..I hate that its next to the water heater and I have to keep it covered.

    (Even though its only an XArcade :D)

  3. you have a real cool cabinet chillinwater its a shame that this must be in the garage but thats the problem with the girlfriends the dont understand this ;-) really thanks once more for the help with my problem with the autohotkeys now all works great thanks

  4. oops this was supposed to be private hehe :D

  5. zerohagen I sent you a pm

  6. Sorry,

    Could u help me to configure the Scumm in HS?? i dont really understand how can i doit :S

  7. @andrewbean, glad you got it going!

    @propaganda, No Problem.

    The installing media section isnt current for HS 1.0 and above though. Everything else should still work as described.

    Getting Started with HyperSpin Guide! -HS .8.0.1

    Setting Up, Un-Official Systems with HyperSpin -should work for all versions of HS

  8. Thanks for the Emulator Setup Guide. This has helped me numerous times already!

  9. hey dude visual pinball works

  10. Guten tag, ich sprechen ser kline duetsch.

    I cant even spell in english!

  11. Hello, i com from Germany! Good evening! saschav

  12. Hi, chillinwater, i have a problem with makaron !!I can start perfectly all naomi games but i can't quit him because i can't remap the key need on the JVS.ini ( i would like to change f8, not having this key on the X-arcade) for exiting! if you have a solution !! Thanks !!

  13. Your very welcome . I will be making more in the future

  14. Thanks for all the themes. Using all of them!

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