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  1. double check that when you run neogeo then exit neogeo, hyperlaunch or rocketlauncher has also exited. usually task manager is the best place to check but you might see it in the tray still running. If it is still running you cant launch anything else and you have a problem in the neo geo module or the emu if its not mame. You can also try using the "exit script" keys. default is q + s if you havent changed them.
  2. For a particular game (and only if has its own theme), you can load the theme into HyperTheme and play with the settings and then watch it in action. If the game doesnt have a theme, then you can do the same thing for the systems "default" theme. For instance most console systems dont have too many individual game themes so you you would edit the default theme which would work globally for all games without a theme.
  3. also once your database is working make sure you press and hold your, "skip up" or "skip down" buttons while in a system wheel not the main menu wheel or is it the "skip up num" and "skip down num" buttons? cant remember then you can use your "up" "down" to cycle through the letters
  4. I believe you would have to make sure that the Attract_Mode is turned off in hyperhq or manual edit ...\hyperspin\settings\settings.ini to [attractmode] active=false
  5. No, No F'n way I can run circles around you with my hair flowin with rippling biceps (virgin, no tats ) ....Way!...
  6. Still want to hit Vegas soon!!! hey does the chat thing work on iPads? (Not using tapatalk) or should I?
  7. Nursing home where else? only thing spinning are my wheelchair wheels and toupee
  8. For those about to 'Spin...We salute You!!! Congrats Baddie lol
  9. Yes @EmuMovies It could be done with a work around using ledblinky ...maybe! (like is being done with marquee screens and Hyperspeech?) but this is why I added a button press function to randomize at the press as well as on start-up of HS. There is No need to exit HS this way (the code is in the thread I posted) Its not perfect. I thought of different strategies for button presses... like using the same key(s) as... -entering a wheel -exiting a wheel -using the exitemulator keys but decided on a unique combo to avoid problems. You could try your own key strategies that may work better for you! I even programmed a timer which synched with HS's "Attract Mode" which worked, but when timing out, if the wheel was on the file you were randomising and not perfectly synced with "Attract Mode", windows would throw a fit and crash randomizer. When left unattended this would leave hundreds of dialog boxes that you had to click "OK" on acknowledging randomiser had crashed. NO THANK YOU! So I abandoned it in favor of key presses. After a couple of years now I may have to re-visit the idea, Im sure its possible for better implementation.
  10. I posted somthing like this a few years back but it was pooh pood because they wanted it included in the newest HS at the time and therefore wanted nothing to do with it. Well still no update or support for it, so this was and still would be just a temporary workaround till if\when HS ever supports it. [RELEASE] The 'Randomizer' by Tempest I have been using this for years to randomize my... -no videos -HS start videos -some system videos -some default themes -some game themes. You could randomise Soooo much more!
  11. Thats a big +1 for me too!!!I Love this app. But support for HiToText unfortunately seems to be dead now so FWIW.... Im pretty sure after cycling this a few times I've found a bug. Whether its in HS or HiToText I'm not sure but it makes sense to me that it would be HS. ***The bug*** So when running HS in single system mode for Mame (really the only system HiToText supports), HiToText will not work. Ive been gravitating towards running single system Mame lately with guests to avoid too much game choice overload for them and me having to be the administrator instead of me gettin my funk on which is how I found this out. Just thought I'd pass it on!!! This is to use for database creation. For some reason Hyperlist wont accept it and create a database for me. Maybe somone else will have better luck. Hitotext-Parents Only v.11\04\2010 005 10yard 1941 1942 1943 1943kai 1943kai 1944 19xx 4dwarrio 8ballact actionhw ad2083 afighter agress airattck airbustr airduel airwolf ajax alexkidd alibaba alien3 aliens aliensec aliensyn alpine altbeast amazon ambush amidar angelkds animaljr anteater apb aquajack arabfgt argus arkanoid arkarea arknoid2 arkretrn armedf armora armorcar assault astdelux asterix asteroid astyanax athena atlantis atomicp aurail avengers baddudes bagman balonfgt bankp barrier barrier batsugun battlcry battlex battlnts bermudat berzerk bioatack bjtwin blktiger blockout bloodbro blueprnt bnzabros bombjack boomrang boxingb brkthru brubber btime bublbobl bullfgt bzone cabal calipso captaven carnival cburnrub ccastles cclimber centiped chasehq circusc ckong cleopatr columns columns2 commando congo contra crash crush crzrally daioh dariusg dazzler ddonpach ddragon ddribble deadeye defender demon digdug digdug2 dino djboy dkong dkong3 dkongjr dockman dogfgt domino dommy 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pbaction pengo phoenix pirates pisces pleiads pooyan popeye puckman pulstar punchout qb3 qbert qbertqub qix qwak raiden rastan redbaron redclash redufo ripoff roadrunn robocop robotron rocnrope rompers rpatrol rthunder rtype rtype2 rygar s1945ii sasuke satansat saturn sbagman sci scramble sdtennis seawolf seawolf2 sf2 shadoww sheriff silkworm simpsons slapfigh snowbro2 solarq spdodgeb spectar speedfrk spf2t spnchout sprint1 srumbler starcas starwars steelwkr streakng subroc3d sundance superbug suprmrio swimmer szaxxon tailg tankbatt tapper targ tazmania tempest terracre tetris theend timber timeplt tinstar tmnt tmnt2 toki trackfld trackfld travrusa troangel tron turfmast twincobr uniwars unsquad upndown valtric vendetta videopin vigilant viofight wallc waterski wb3 wboy woodpeck worldwar wotw wrally xmen xmvsf xsleena yiear zaxxon zoar zodiack zombraid zookeep zzyzzyxx Hitotext-Parents and Clones v.11\04\2010 005 10yard 10yard85 10yardj 1941 1941j 1942 1942a 1942b 1942w 1943 1943j 1943kai 1943kai 1943u 1944 1944d 1944j 19xx 19xxa 19xxb 19xxd 19xxh 19xxj 19xxjr1 4dwarrio 8ballact 8ballact2 8ballat2 8bpm abscam actionhw ad2083 afighter agress agressb airattca airattck airattcka airbusb airbustj airbustr airbustrb airbustrj airduel airwolf airwolfa ajax ajaxj alexkid1 alexkida alexkidd alexkidd1 alibaba alien3 alien3u alieninv aliens aliens2 aliens3 aliensa aliensec aliensj aliensj2 aliensu aliensy1 aliensy2 aliensy3 aliensy5 aliensyn alphaxz alpine alpinea altbeaj1 altbeaj3 altbeas2 altbeas4 altbeas5 altbeasj altbeast altbeast2 altbeast4 altbeast5 altbeastj altbeastj1 altbeastj3 amatelas amazon ambush ambusht ambushv amidar amidarb amidaro amidars amidaru amigo angelkds animaljr anteater anteatg anteatgb apb apb1 apb2 apb3 apb4 apb5 apbf apbg aquajack aquajckj arabfgt arabfgtj arabfgtu area88 argus ark1ball arkangc arkangc2 arkanoid arkarea arkatayt arkatour arkbloc2 arkblock arkgcbl arkmcubl arknid2j arknid2u arknoid2 arknoidj arknoidu arknoiuo arkretrn arktayt2 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  12. al...most....there!...Stay on Target!...Al...Most....There! http://www.trzy.org/Supermodel/WhatsNew.html
  13. As seen on: http://www.emucr.com/2011/08/news-supermodel-wip-update-ski-champ.html We may be close and hopefully "when its ready" is not the same date as HS 2.0!
  14. stuck on mugen...learning the ropes of hyperspin so i can help others..thx nice cab...

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