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  1. RkH

    HyperSpin black background sometimes

    This is the problem i get. Background no reloading...
  2. Hi, i added some custom override transitions but it sometimes shows a black screen and doesn't reload the background's theme. Is it a bug or i have not done something correctly? Thank u all.
  3. RkH

    Do you like HYPERSPIN??????

    Well, you can find all media adapted to 16x9 easily.
  4. RkH

    Main Menu Letters

    Hi, When you get more than 150 systems, it would be good to use letters. Is it possible? Thankx
  5. RkH

    Do you like HYPERSPIN??????

    It would be good if the themes doesnt stop when you move the wheel until you stop it. Also more quality on vids and swf would be good.
  6. RkH

    Quick tutorial for setting up Pinball Arcade

    With directx9 works perfect here, but the directx11 is config as windowed and it shows a little problem in the tittlebar and also in the taskbar. I'm using windows 7.
  7. RkH

    Quick tutorial for setting up Pinball Arcade

    Ok its done, the module updated auto from RL wasn't working, its YOUR module the good one. And the RL is "newer", also your header's module gives error on RL, but it works Frankestein and the others, and I noticed that it enters faster than the "oficial" module. Very good work!!
  8. RkH

    Quick tutorial for setting up Pinball Arcade

    I have the 1.49.9 version, and i checked that i have your ISD,AHK and Database, but with the new tables it goes a different table than the chosen.