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  1. I haven't loaded it up in a while (few months or so), but now it's hanging on the bootloader where it checks my Windows Media Player version. Could have something to do with a recent Windows update. Maybe WMP got it's version updated? Anyone else having this problem? Everything was working fine before, just for the record. Edit: Fixed it, my bad for messing with HyperSpin while tired. I had removed Windows Media Player recently and forgot I did so, reinstalling got me working again. I would recommend adding some error checks into the bootstrapper at some point though, i.e. "Windows Media Player was not found."
  2. Same thing is happening to me. Seems like something might be up (or down!) with whatever authenticates the hyperspin login info.
  3. jkonami

    bsnes = higan

    Yeah, I set it up ahead of time separately from Hyperspin and let it write out it's config. In the .ahk file, I just commented out all the fullscreen options for now as well as the sram stuff.
  4. jkonami

    bsnes = higan

    It's working pretty well for me, and I'm able to use whatever roms I throw at it so far without converting anything. It's also worth noting that you don't have to use "rom folders" unless you want to. Running the performance executable, I haven't had any issues at all (On a 1.6ghz Core 2 Duo) as far as sound/framerate hiccups. I think I can make this work but it has one problem with the current official bsnes .ahk file that I could use a hand with - It's just not exiting properly so I keep having to go into my process list and kill hyperlaunch. I'm gonna try to read up on all the classes/functions on the Hyperlaunch documentation to see what I can do, but I welcome any suggestions!
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