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  1. Just came across this thread (only got a real DMD recently). If anyone is playing Pinball FX2 or The Pinball Arcade, you probably want this. It's a small tool I wrote that adds real DMD support to PBFX and TPA. It's free and open source and it supports pretty much every display out there. However if you have one that you like to add support to, let me know! Thread about Pinball FX2 at VPF Thread about the Pinball Arcade at VPF Cheers!
  2. Little upgrade. PinDMD3 FTW! Luminosity at 10%. More will probably hurt my eyes. Backbox monitor is the same but rotated back to landscape. I also got Pinball FX2 and TPA running with it (the third shot is actually TPA), thanks to a little tool I wrote:
  3. Good. You can comment on the release upload form here if you want.
  4. Unfortunately, I've never gotten it to work. Ended up buying a new one.
  5. Well the other stuff is going to be a hosted service, so it's not intended for running on a cab. You're welcome to check it out though, but it's still under heavy development.
  6. It's a Node.js thing and there might have been some progress meanwhile. Didn't try to install from scratch since a while now, been busy with other stuff.
  7. Haha I had about the same relation to this before I started working on the cab. Yes, I've used the same wire for all connections (12V/24V). The 24V PSU I needed for the knockers and the solenoids (knockers are actually 50V, but 24V already knocks pretty well). The reason I've used a separate 12V power supply instead of the PC's PSU was mainly because I wanted to keep the PC's circuit separate from the rest. Check out maxxsinner's excellent electrical guide, it's all pretty well explained in there.
  8. Thanks and of course, go ahead with the plans! Will check, I think I have a vid somewhere. Cheers!
  9. New VPinball DX9 test hard-booted the PC due to lack of power, so I had to put in a stronger PSU. At 750W (instead of the old 400W), no more crashes!
  10. Sorry, forgot about this. Are you running node 0.8.x or 0.10.x? Seems Win7 needs older 0.8.x. Otherwise I unfortunately can't offer you any other tips besides what's under Troubleshooting in the installation instructions. I'm using buffertools for writing the .vpt format so I can dynamically update the table script, but the feature is not yet finished and I probably could do it without buffertools, if other people have the same problem. However, right now I'm quite busy with work and other projects, so it's not gonna happen very soon.
  11. Check also INSTALL.md, there are some trouble shooting tips in there.
  12. Sorry for responding so late, was busy the weekend and then forgot about it yesterday. Can you try npm install buffertools while being in the folder where you cloned the repository? If there's any red or errors, paste the log.
  13. Hmm do you get that after updating? I've recently added the buffertools dependency but it should be added when running npm install during install. During the automatic upgrade that should be ran as well.
  14. Well it's true that it only adds the IPDB IDs when it actually has to write the XML file. You could force that by clicking twice on the HyperPin icon next to a random table in order disable/reenable it, that will dump the XML and add the IPDB IDs. On second though it might be a good idea to always write them down. Can you open a issue on GitHub for that?
  15. Well then it seems to work? What does the log say? You need to scan for tables first by clicking on the settings panel on the upper right and go through the options (see first post).
  16. Weird, it looks like there's a client logging out just after starting the daemon. I've fixed the NPE, can you "git pull" and try again?
  17. That should be fixed now. Basically the problem was that Pind would download the standard media pack for the nightmod and update the tables HP description in order to match the media, resulting in two entries. Now Pind only fetches the right "edition" (nightmod vs. non-nightmod).
  18. Well, wheel images are not specifically searched for - they're supposed to be in the media pack. No single download support for them (yet). Your title is fine, that should be matched (code here). When matched, it should display a small moon behind the title in the table listing. That not the case?
  19. @ei8ht: I've had this problem only once. Try setting the number of concurrent downloads to 1 in your settings-mine.js. @matty_g_8: There's logic that should detect a night mode and treat it separately from the non-night version of the same table.
  20. Hey Jaron, Thanks for the info. Any way you could upload the jukebox table (or point me to where it is) so I can have a look? In general when it crashes, it would be nice to know what made it crash, along with what the console displayed. About your future ideas: When you run Pind on another machine, you basically would have to share the HyperPin and game folders of your cab. In that case, even when the shares are not available, should be able to do basic browsing (might need to add some additional error checking because the media would then be offline too). For updating tables I should have all the data necessary, so it's just about doing the check after each VPF sync and add some reasonable UI that asks the user to upgrade. I was thinking about a centralized leaderboard as well (as I know another dude who just build a cab), so I might get to that soon. However, Pind is hosted on GitHub so there isn't much of dynamic stuff I could do (there are other solutions of course). Thanks in any case for the feedback!
  21. Smells like a bug. Will have a look at it today or this weekend. Cheers!
  22. It's true that there's currently no easy way to delete an entry from the database, all you can do is enable/disable it in HyperPin. Will add this soon. Thanks for noticing HyperPin not working when not all tags are being written, I'll fix that too. As for tabs vs. spaces, Pind rewrites the XML when you add a new table to it, there's no real way around that. Note that if the HP icon is grey, that means it's commented in the XML (or deleted, depending on your setting).
  23. Yes, the XMLs that are HyperPin's database. No worries about the few hours, won't have much time to work on it today anyway. I think I'll be spending some time with PinballX soon. I've had quick look at it once but haven't used it on my cab yet. Not familiar at all with the game manager, didn't even know that it existed. I actually thought that PinballX would take an identical file structure as HyperPin. Might have to add explicit support for PinballX then.
  24. Thanks for the feedback. The huge icons probably are due to the fact you're using IE. Try Chrome or Firefox. I will spend some time on IE fixes eventually, but not right away. TBH I recently noticed that my Pind service wasn't working anymore either. Will have a look soon. Any way you could give me your 2 XMLs for me to test? You can put them on pastebin or PM them, if you prefer, like this I can debug more easily. Pind doesn't rename any files. If you download a new version of an already existing table, it should match it and update the name in the XML to match the new file name. However, for this you must have run the IPDB match before, because the matching relies on the IPDB number. Backglass vids are coming, I've actually just discovered them a week ago. They already get fetched from VPF, just need to adapt the categories when searching for videos. Cheers and welcome to the pron server club!
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