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  1. You need to be more specific than that. Which step under step 5 would be interesting for instance. What happens, what's written on the console, after doing what exactly. If it's of any benefit, I can't decide for you. Personally it takes me 10min adding a new table for browsing through VPF, find the table, the media, the roms, the videos, extract everything to the right place, update the XML. In Pind it takes one second for the click, the rest is done automatically.
  2. https://github.com/freezy/node-pind/blob/master/INSTALL.md
  3. Since you seem to more expert on that topic than me, could you create a GitHub issue and put that feature request in there? Would be interesting to know if you'd like just to be able to set the controller for all tables, or do you want to apply it to a subset based on some filtering rule? Also are there other options you'd like to be able to batch-set? I suppose rotation setting would be interesting too.
  4. Well, there is also prod.js that auto-relaunches on crash. Spent the week-end on fixing media downloads. Nothing concrete yet, but I now have all VPF media linked to an IPDB number. This will be useful very soon. @viriiguy: Automatic/batch controller setup is on the plan. You might hang on to that huge manual task, it'll be one click when it's done.
  5. Committed fix that makes Pind continue searching on first mismatch. Your XML runs now through, viriiguy.
  6. More accurate media matching is next on the plan. As mentioned before, if the Bronco Buster media pack is listed under "M" because its title is "Mediapack Bronco Buster", it's hard to find. I'll probably come up with something similar to the current VPF<-> IPDB matching routine, which seems to be running fine. For your error I've just committed a fix, although it's just fixing the crash and probably not the cause of the bug. Will investigate this weekend. Thanks for your patience so far, it's really making Pind more stable. Cheers!
  7. Thanks! Did you configure your unrar binary correctly? I suspect that the value at pind.unrar points to a non-existing file. I'll add a config checker soon. Fixed the crash though, if you update. Cheers!
  8. Alright, the first error you've posted is PINemHi crashing. This is probably due to some unexpected .nvram format. Node hanging was due to a missing callback, that's fixed now. The last error posted however is difficult to debug since it's happening in the XML writer module that is not mine. Would it be possible to post or PM me your Visual Pinball.xml file?
  9. Hmm that all seems to work on the 3 platforms I have here, so I'll have a try with node 0.8 later.
  10. Table download is fixed - sorry about that. For PinemHi I'd need a log, can't reproduce here. Cheers!
  11. The Bronco Buster media pack is intelligently named "Mediapack Bronco Buster FS B2S". Under "M". No wonder there's no match. Currently Pind doesn't keep a full index of media packs as it does for table downloads, it only fetches the index of a letter when demanded (and caches it). So without fetching everything and stripping all the shit off people put into the thread titles, accurate matching will be very difficult...
  12. @viriiguy: I'd try with your current setup first. Note that the only thing Pind will overwrite (after backuping) is the HyperPin database XML. Everything else is read-only, stuff gets never overwritten while extracting. This might change in the future though, but if then only via an explicit setting that will be disabled per default. @punter1: The problem is that people name their originals kind of randomly. Sometimes there's just "Table Name (Original Year)", sometimes "Table Name (Author Year)", sometimes just "Table Name (Year)", so the XML would have a lot to cover.
  13. Okay, little update. Spent time on better matching yesterday, and for standard HyperPin entries (as in: "Game name (Manufacturer Year)"), it works pretty well. There will always be tweaks for weird naming, specially when additional stuff is added to the HP description, but all the XMLs I got so far run through with accurate matching. Then I've added an "edition" flag to the tables, which further distinguishes different table versions. Right now we have "standard" and "nightmod". So basically, given that you've matched your tables with IPDB.org, this allowed me to implement correct HyperPin XML updates: For instance, if you have both versions (standard and night mod) of Attack From Mars and download a new night mod edition, it will update the night mod version in HyperPin's XML. Also, if you've downloaded an original game, and at some point a new version of it, it will update the existing entry. However, if you have an original game that you had downloaded before without Pind and you download a new version of it with Pind, it will create a new entry (for now). The problem is that it's quite difficult to match a name from HyperPin to a download at VPF if there's no IPDB number to rely on. One solution would be to search for the media pack of the OG, read the XML that is usually posted along and try a match with that name. Will need to add better media pack matching for that first, though. So this is how it should work now. Bug reports welcome.
  14. Hi punter1, will comment on your comments below. Good, that's the goal Will check. Mid-term speaking Pind will probably ship with a hardcoded mapping that correctly maps a VPF download to its media. Well technically, writing the XML file means dumping what's in the database (with a filter) to the XML, so having an entry in the XML but not in the DB is impossible. Are you maybe talking about the status not being updated correctly after downloading the table with media packs etc? Fixed. Goot to hear! Thanks for the GitHub issue, this will be taken care of at some point. Done. No, it adds it also for existing entries when IPDB data is fetched. Thanks, had a try with it, seems to be running through smoothly now. Will start working on the mod tags now.
  15. Yeah I've noticed that my latest matching changes broke some stuff. You guys are very welcome to use the bleeding branch, but I don't test very thoroughly before every commit. However I try to produce something stable by the end of this weekend and also tag it as a new version. @viriiguy I'm happy you got it working. Bear with me until the next version, then it should crash less!
  16. @MisterB: Oops. Will fix the uglify-js thing. Also the concat needs probably a fix, though I wonder where that happens? Did you try the match pages explained in the doc? The 880-table file you've provided runs through now, BTW. There were only 7 matches that don't seem to be on IPDB: Freak Out (Williams 1968) Hot Shot Basketball (Williams 1992) Jetsons, The (Originals) Jurassic Park 2 - The Lost World (Sega 1997) Machina Zois (Gottlieb 2003) Pompeii (Bally 1978) Ten Strike Classic (Other 2003) Everything else gets matched correctly!
  17. @viriiguy: Seriously? Oh, man... Will put a note into the install guide, thanks for not giving up! @punter1: Thanks a lot for the feedback, will have a look at your remarks today. I've also created a doc about how matching works, for those interested. Not everything is implemented yet (e.g. the "mod" flag doesn't exist yet and I'm still improving the HP <-> IPDB matching algo), but we'll be there soon.
  18. You can increase the console buffer via the command prompt properties. I have it at 50k lines I think. Not really sure how to read the debug log yet, console log would still be interesting.
  19. Yeah I figured that if the SDK install went fine, then you'll probably get the same result. I've uploaded my node_modules for node 0.10.18 on win7x64 here. If you could still paste the red part where it fails from npm install that would be good, so I can Google better for a solution.
  20. So, back home. After installing Node 0.10.18, I got: a few times. Just for fun, I've tested MisterB's binary package and it worked. Then I downloaded the Win7 SDK, ran the installer and the installation failed. Then I opened Windows' "Programs and features" and uninstalled two items: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x64 Redistributable - 10.0.40219 Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable - 10.0.40219 Retried the SDK installation, and it worked. Ran npm install and it worked. @viriiguy, are you sure the SDK installed successfully?
  21. Thanks, MisterB! One quick question: What node version do you have running? (in the console, type "node --version") Yesterday I've noticed that I was still running Node 8 on my box, and after upgrading to 10.18, npm failed for me too. Will debug and update install instructions accordingly tonight.
  22. I have a chat icon on the bottom of this forum...
  23. I've created a "pind" chatroom, this will be easier via chat. Don't know how/if this works though.
  24. Ok, so if you type "git status" at the command prompt, what happens?
  25. Oh yeah, that would be interesting indeed. It shouldn't go back to the command prompt.
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