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  1. That would be great. I'm specially interested in which 800 tables this are, since all cab downloads on VPF are about 600... If I can get a high IPDB match rate on those, then the we're pretty much set, since VPF items are all linked to IPDB now.
  2. @viriiguy: The log looks clean. You sure that's the one *after* trying to connect to? Are you connecting on the same machine or from another one? @MisterB: Bug indeed, should be fixed now (update). I've also added better matching. If you download a table, it will check if you have it in HyperPin already and update the filename if "Add to Hyperpin" was chosen previously. How many tables do you have? It would be interesting to get a big XML from someone so I can adapt the matching algo if necessary.
  3. MisterB: Thanks! Port setting is the first in the config file. Viriiguy: What browser are you using? I heard IE gives headache. Try Chrome or Firefox.
  4. Well, if you're running Skype for instance, it can happen that this miserable piece of crap sits on port 80. In this case you either reconfigure Skype or change the port. Or maybe another program sits on 80, maybe even justifiable. A log would help in any case! MisterB, I'll mirror your package and link it if that's okay for you. Thanks already for zipping it up!
  5. You need to reopen the cmd prompt after thr git installation. @others: the sqlite module just added binary support a few hours ago. I'll try it when I'm at work, but given the other native modules don't give any trouble, you should be fine now. Maybe we don't even need the sdk/vs anymore.
  6. @viriiguy: That's actually what I've feared. Means that the binary doesn't work on your platform. Maybe someone else who got it running could have a try packing it? MisterB? @MisterB: Sounds like bug about not finding the missing media. In theory, it, *should* be possible to feed an XML file so Pind downloads even the table file if not available. I've added some clever matching this week-end, so I now can search on VPF by IPDB, which will help a lot.
  7. Sorry, had people coming by this week-end, hence the offlineism. I've also noticed that SQLite is not the only native dependency, unfortunately, JSDom is native as well. I've packed up the node_modules folder on a fresh on install from my machine which is running Win7 x64. Have a try extracting that into the folder instead of running npm install. pind-node_modules-win7-x64.zip Let me know how it works, if you get this running maybe I can promote it as the standard installation way. Cheers!
  8. Uhm that sucks, I'll try to post a binary later for you to try.
  9. Added two new issues, feel free to comment. Make path names more flexible Make download overwrite settings more flexible
  10. Update. Shouldn't crash anymore when destination folder doesn't exist while extracting, an the other problem when download would only work with a 0-byte file should be fixed too.
  11. @horseyhorsey: Thanks, will have a look at it. Problem with checking for tables before table download is that we don't know how the file's named in the archive. Usually it's similar but not the same, so we have to download in order to check. When extracting, existing files won't be overridden. @viriiguy: I've had this too and solved it by installing the SDK. Did you manage to do that? You might have to uninstall any VC++ Redistributables for it to install correctly. Also, did you do a SET VisualStudioVersion=11.0 before running npm? (re edit): That I've never seen. Looks like some kind of linking error, which is probably due to the binary you dropped into the folder?
  12. Yep, the fundamental issue is probably this. The "crowdsource" approach would be indeed a fallback, or vice versa.
  13. punter1: Thanks for the report. Some of your problems are bugs and some need another solution. Bugs: Pind shouldn't crash, if it does, it's a bug. If you could send me a log (logfile is in the logs subfolder), that would be great. It's possible that there's another bug: Pind may not update the media stats that indicate if media is available for a table after successful video download. "Resync with HyperPin" does that. Then there's the problem of HyperPin "description" different than what's in the media pack. For now there's not really a solution but either rename the media or change the name in the .xml manually. I'll see if I can come up with some clever matching algorithm that allows updating either that or renaming the media. Port of the HTTP daemon is the first setting in settings.js. Cheers!
  14. Well, neither git pull nor npm update touches the database. That would be the manual way. However, sometimes the database schema changes, in this case the app will just crash if you don't run node create-schema, which erases all data. Additionally, sometimes I add new settings to the config file, that you would need to patch manually too. OR you use the upgrade feature in Pind, which updates the code, checks for new deps and runs npm if needed, checks for migration scripts and applies them while keeping the data, and finally patches your settings-mine if new options have been added. The 15-20min is doing what? "Resync with HyperPin"?
  15. Oh right, you need to update your settings so it takes bleeding edge releases. Click again on the "i" to hide the screen. It's a boostrap thing, I'll have a look into if there's an option to hide it on any click.
  16. Downloads should be fixed now. Try to use the integrated upgrade feature in Pind (Admin -> Global), because there are database migration scripts involved. Otherwise you'll have to run node create-schema, but that will clear all data.
  17. @zeenon: Thanks for the info - will update installation instructions. Will also check the download problem, added some stuff yesterday that may broke something.
  18. Alright, updating install instructions then.
  19. Well, did you install the git command line tool? That's necessary. And it must be in PATH. In my opinion that's the problem, but update and try again like this first, I hope the correct error message is displayed now.
  20. Hmm looks like an error retrieving the last commit from your local repository. Did you use Git to checkout the files, or did you extract the zip file? I've committed a fix that should display the error message, if you could update and try again. About the paths: Sure, I suppose that would be possible. What other special paths do you have besides nvram and tables? Artwork? Roms? I'm aware of PinballX and also PinSelect, but I've never tried them and as far as I understood, they use the same structure than HyperPin. But checking those out is on my TODO list, so expect more support at some point.
  21. I would try I:/HyperPin/Pinmame, that's the path of your VPM, right? Also, try slashes instead of backslashes.
  22. Well I'm pretty sure it's possible to distribute binaries via NPM. Thing is, all I can do is package folder and modules on the platforms I have (WinXP 32, Win7 x64, Win8 x64). I remember copying the folder from Win7 to Win8 and it didn't work, so there must be more than just 32/64 bit differences. Maybe, if more people start using it, more builds could be provided, but the thing is that additional dependencies (mostly purely JS libs) will be required as the project evolves, which would each time result it re-packaging everything for every platform. Also, the auto-update feature would need significant adjustments, which I'm not so keen on doing (need some stability first). On the other hand, if people start seeing what Pind can do, I'm quite confident that many will take the burden of the initial installation (most of use already spent hundreds of hours building the cab).
  23. If you have more detailed instructions so others could benefit from it, that would be great. Apart from that, I know that on Windows it can quite a pain to get the node modules which need compilation working correctly. If it reassures you, I've spent quite some time on it too, but finally installing the SDK mentioned in the installation instructions did the trick.
  24. See first point here. Did you scan HyperPin's tables?
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