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  1. Yeah, initial installation is cumbersome, but then you're fine. You even get automatic updates and migrations.
  2. So sqlite3 compilation went ok? What did you do? Does C:\temp exist? In your settings-mine.js: /** * A temp folder for extracting stuff. No trailing slash! * @important */ tmp: 'C:/temp', From INSTALL:
  3. Did you install the build tools (Python / VC++ / SDK)? I've had similar issues compiling sqlite3 on Win8, you might need to google for a solution until they start releasing binary builds for the sqlite3 module.
  4. Is this a rhetorical question? If not, I'd need more info than that, like * When does it happen * Where does it happen * What did you do to make it happen * Is there more displayed than this
  5. Manual update: git pull --rebase npm install and you probably should do a node create-schema as well, since there have been db schema changes today. However, from now on, you should be able to use the upgrade feature under admin / global, which takes care of all that (and doesn't erase your data) - i've just fixed a few bugs there.
  6. Update. Was a missing callback when no match at ipdb. Need to fiddle with more regexes, problem is that "Black Jack Bally 1977" doesn't come up with anything at ipdb. Right now I'm assuming the Syntax "Name (Manufacturer Year)", for correct stripping, so if the parenthesis are missing, I'm not getting any hits.
  7. That's fine for me. The app isn't battle-field tested at all, so this will harden it for public use - thanks!
  8. Yes, the issue of media pack assets named with different manufacturer than the "default" name from IPDB should be next on the list. Shouldn't crash though, need to check this too. UPDATE: Doesn't crash anymore, but will look into the issue when manufacturer doesn't match.
  9. Update, that IPDB problem should be fixed now.
  10. Yep, need to find a way to add the stack trace into the log. Thanks for the console dump, will have a look at it. Are those 50 games all recreations? Title matching is actually one of the next big challenges, so far I've only tested it on my ~30 titles I have locally, but with the mass of tables around this will need some improvement.
  11. Yeah I forgot to put that somewhere. Get your hands on a real browser for god's sake. Seriously, I have done a quick test with IE9 I think, but I strongly suggest Firefox or Chrome. In Chrome, press ctrl+shift+i and click on "console". If there's anything red, that would be interesting. I'll update the project page with the browser notice tonight.
  12. Which browser? Any error in the Javascript console? Looks like Pind started ok to me.
  13. Well I could add that, however I don't really see the point - search is much faster if you're looking for something specific. Can you open an issue at GitHub and copy+paste what the console says? I need some more context, specially a stack trace would be useful. Generally, if the type of the game is "OG", it won't search on IPDB.
  14. I know that the build process sucks. It's basically for the SQLite driver that is used for caching data locally. I'll write up an FAQ soon that explains also how to use MySQL instead of SQLite. Dazz I think GraphicsMagick simply has an option "add to PATH" when installing, that does the process MisterB described for you.
  15. So I've been working on something the last few months and I think it's time to announce it here so you guys can take a look at it. Check out pind.ch Not all features are implemented yet but every screenshot is from the real deal, no mockups. I use it on my cab and it saves me a sh**load of time. Feel free to comment here, this is going to be the official thread. The GitHub project can be found here, along with installation instructions here. See also known issues before you submit bugs. Once you get it running, you should probably do the following (in that order) Click on the admin icon on the top right side of the page Fill up the database by: Resync with HyperPin Match with IPDB.org Update High Scores Update Audits [*]Download index from VPF under sources.
  16. Put some aluminium foil around the edges for protection.
  17. Translite came. Looks nice and finished up now. Will post more pics when I get a better cam and nicer weather.
  18. You know, it's true what people say. Photos just don't do justice to how the machine looks once the decals are applied. More picture coming soon when I get the translite.
  19. Thanks, I'm looking forward to see it actually glued on the box. I thought about an RBG version too, but couldn't find transparent buttons in the right size - the ones I got are a 1/4" too short. However I've determined that having them illuminated is already pretty cool - even if it's always the same color. You mind asking which buttons you got and where from?
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