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  1. Thanks for your help..but unfortunately i am totally baffled as i have followed your instructions to the letter , checked and double checked and it crashes back to the menu every time either when trying with retroarch or hyperspin to run the games. i just thought it was strange that the M2v video files wont even play in x-plore or esfile explorer so i have to assume thats the problem i only asked for the files from cobra command out of desperation and thought you were saying no to providing links to the paid m2v for space ace etc ..so apologies i mis understood Cheers guy
  2. Oh ok...i am still stuck then...damn the only thing i can think of is my m2v files are wrong as they wont play in android natively ..please can you send me a link to your cobra command files or please could you try and play them in x-plore to eliminate that possibility many thanks guy
  3. Sorry, but yes i have updated the assets and still hyperspin crashes back to main menu ...do you have a l8nk to the version of hyperspin you using please maybe i have a bad version although all my other systems work fine
  4. Still no joy I'm afraid...please could you check if any of your m2v files play just by clicking on them in the x-plore files app? my ogg files play absolutely fine in the native android player but when i click on the m2v file is just says “cannot play this video” i am wondering if this could be the problem? i have attached a video clip showing what i mean thanks guy IMG_1241.MOV
  5. ok cheers will carry on with hyperspin and give it a try. Thanks for taking the time to try and help ..i love these old games and its very frustrating lol
  6. I am at a loss? Could it be the media files i am using then Are the wrong ones even though they work perfectly on mac? Or could the version of android tv i am using be causing the issue..i am in the latest version ..are you ?
  7. Do i have to set something up in android to tell it how to play m2v files beforehand ?
  8. I am also using a usb hard drive as adopted storage..retroarch shows the path to games as /storage/emulated/0/Hyperspin/Emulators/Daphne/Daphne/“game name” however X-plore shows the path to games As /sdcard/Hyperspin/Emulators/Daphne/Daphne/“game name” so now i am really confused
  9. Hi, i am think i am using 32bit ..its definitely version 1.7.7 from the stable build, android download section of the retroarch website... i had the option of retroarch.apk or retroarchaa64.apk so i downloaded retroarch.apk as i presume that is 32bit version? i installed the daphne core and it shows as daphne v0.04
  10. also just to add..the games are running fine on my MacBook pro using the same media / .m2v, ogg files i am trying tio use on android set up Cheers Guy
  11. Hi Honosunseri, Please could you help me as i have been trying to solve this for hours. I am already pretty good i think when it comes to android and hyper spin etc and I have followed your instructions very carefully and i believe very properly. However, Daphne on my nvidia shield tv using RetroArch 1.7.7 and the test core you linked still isn't working for me. I have tried to run cobra command rom directly in RetroArch before even going to the next stage with hypertspin integration and it either fails to load content or crashes RetroArch completely. I have the zip roms in the rom folder, the games in Emulators/Daphne/Daphne in individually named folders that matching .txt frame files that i have placed in the frame file folder . I have also edited the .txt files with the correct path as you described. But no matter which rom i try and run directly in retroarch , ace, lair, cobra command etc..none will run they all say failed to load content? Please please help as i can't understand why yours is working in the vid Cheers Guy
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