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    Sorry for the late reply twelve hour shifts last week. Thankyou very much Honosuseri and Sanchezmike01 for narrowing it down. Turned out to be my Default.zip swapped it for another works a treat now.
  3. retrogriff


    Thanks for your reply Honosuseri the games are covered in mame.I use Mame4droid just changed the mame ini to Toaplan. As for the special characters hyperspin kicks out on single worded roms
  4. retrogriff


    Set up Toaplan works fine on three of the roms but when i move to next rom on wheel Hyperspin kicks out to Hyperspin has stopped. Open app again. Can anyone help please.
  5. retrogriff

    Finding Media

    Where does everyone find there media for certain systems DOOM Classics for example any help would be appreciated
  6. Use the same Mame.ini but change the title to what ever system you want . As long as you,ve got the seperate xml files for each system.
  7. Could anyone let me know which systems in Android Hyperspin actually require bios files in system folder. Thanks
  8. retrogriff

    (Tutorial) Hyperspin Android Overview and Install

    ​Thanks thatman84 i have that pack but some ini files are missing and these are the ones i need like GOG,Popcap,Bigfish Games.I have fifty systems set up with media.Forty seven systems working so far and counting thanks to this forum
  9. retrogriff

    (Tutorial) Hyperspin Android Overview and Install

    badhemi cheers for the themes any chance you could share your ini files too. PLEASE