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Files posted by phantasy

  1. Sega SG-1000 - Database (XML)

    DISCLAIMER: Though doing similar work as the main uploaders, I am new and still learning from the heavy hitter rockstars of the Hyperspin community. I only humbly propose this update xml for official inclusion.
    This brings the former game total of Sega SG-1000 from 75 to 82 and complete as far as I can see. I tested my Japan, Taiwan, and World releases (and TOSEC) to update the original list. I verified and deleted any clones of Japanese releases and then tested what's left.
    - Circus Charlie (Taiwan): I chose the Taiwan version of Circus Charlie over the Korean as Taiwan is a more predominant region for SG-1000 games, keeps the list Japan/Taiwan exclusive, and this uniforms the game play by NOT skipping the 'exclusive content' logo.
    -Jing Wu Men - Fist Of Fury (Taiwan): I chose this extension of the title to translate 'Jing Wu Men' as I often can't remember awesome Japanese games when the title sounds like gibberish. Also note, the game seems not to respond to controls for a few moments after the game loads. Just wait longer.

    Please advise me if you would like adjustments, and enjoy!


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  2. NEC PC-FX - Database (XML)

    New version (unofficial) 1.1!
    Tyoushin Heiki Zeroigar (Japan) has an English translation - translation is now included with the original title name changed of this amazing shooter.

    Alternate name change contenders (still debatable, and I can change this to group consensus):
    "Tyoushin Heiki Zeroigar" - (original database name)
    "Choujin Heiki Zeroigar" (Romhacking.net translation refers to this name)
    "Super God Trooper - Zeroigar" (Youtube translation)
    "God Fighter Zeroigar" was chosen for now- when a Japanese title translation is up for grabs, the English is pronounceable, and went with the title that appears on the title screen. I did remove the dash in the title for now until I sort out why Rocket Launcher lists it as missing, even when renaming my files and within my cue.
    For those new to the system:
    PC-FX has 62 games (database and Wikipedia/websites) and was a Japanese only console. This update is still at 62 games and only updates one game's play-ability and title.
    This one translation, albeit a possible update of name change, should complete the xml until any future English translations exist since the only other PCFX media out there is the Anime Freak FX 1-6 series, and (Super) PCE Fan (Deluxe) Special CD-Rom series.
    Still to do for potential updates:
    I will test "Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna FX - SE" for exclusive content against the non "SE" labeled one. SE = Special Edition or Second Edition? Could just be a 'Rev B' type of situation.


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