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  1. phantasy

    Can't start games in MAME??

    One of life's finest enjoyments is knowing you've helped others from hard work... even higher than being thanked for it. Hoped it saved you some time and thanks for the 1up nod.
  2. phantasy

    List of MAME clones worth playing - Redux

    Ah newoski! Yes, I haven't forgotten you... life got in the way about the time we messaged. I should add that I plan on fully testing your app for this when I do have my next go at the update. No need for me to reinvent the wheel if you have done it.
  3. phantasy

    List of MAME clones worth playing - Redux

    Hey Everyone! I've been away for a long time (life gets busy) and just caught up on threads. Hope vaderag was able to be up and running. I may update the .180 xmls if needed as a refresher course for me, then when I can, tackle the latest version at that time. I can't do it every month/ for every release, but periodically I may apply this work to an updated MAME version. I may create a simple step by step tutorial to demystify some of the common "who's on first" confusion. This may also inspire others to create updated XMLs for each MAME version when Metalzoic and I don't find the time. I don't wish to take over Metalzoic's thread in any way so I'll see the best place to host this. I am continually thankful to Metalzoic - where I learned to filter MAME.
  4. phantasy

    Setting up Dreamcast wheel

    Some of the xml entries are for homebrew games that I only have in img sub ccd format. Is there a conversion tool to make these compatible with Reicast?
  5. I'm sure someone will have a backup copy of a non-updated core, no? I don't know what my build has but I can check
  6. Is there a better way so as not have to set shader options per game? Is there a per system or per core option?
  7. Already ahead of ya... I uninstalled the google play store version and did the nightly. At first I had a major gfx issue where the menu was hardly navigable because it was in black and white... sigh... I uninstalled the 12-30-16 build for the 12-29 and it fixed that issue. All this is working much better now. Can swap between systems in Hyperspin now, but one more thing: it may have been discussed but is there a way to exit a game without having to exit the game via RA->exit retroarch to get back to the HS games menu? Would love like on a pc where you hit ESC to do a one button return.
  8. Ah, so a fix may be to delete retroarch, find a nightly apk somewhere and then use sideload launcher to install that one?
  9. Confirming all you wrote, any sms game launched from HS will either not launch (as indicated by the screen doing a quick blink), or not launch but go to a black screen like it tried barely longer than the blink. Very strange. I also tried additional steps: - "closing" the game after launching in Retroarch before quitting via blue menu - variations of the above using Load Core, then selecting a game vs 'load content and detect core'. I also tried just loading the picodrive core, then quitting without launching a game. Same results in HS. I've verified the rom name matched the xml too.
  10. Sure thing- attached is my ini for Sega Master System, which should also be the one from your pack BEFORE and WITHOUT changing it via an edit nor the replacement ini from your optional step. I did not edit it because I figured if it works on one shield it will work on all. I doubt one has to worry about the variant of 16gb model vs the 500gb one. Sega Master System.ini
  11. hey thatman84, That guide of yours is fantastic especially the added detail and pre-config files. I would caution that the ini files in the Settings_Android zip file (optional step) can replace your initial GOOD changes with the old bad habits again: "path=H:\hyperspin\emulators\master system\" I have heard that Android ignores this line, but the replacement also erases your good "rompath=Emulators/Sega Master System/roms" with "rompath=ADD YOUR ROMPATH" which defeats the troubleshooting- one shouldn't mess with alternate paths until they have everything working with the defaults. Still, ignoring that optional step, the guide is great and gets me much farther... HS loads and wheels turn. I'm using Sega Master System as an example. When loading a game, it bumps me right back. If I go load it in Retroarch first and then load HS, loading the game takes me over to my game already in progress. Also, if I stop the game and leave Retroarch in the blue menu, HS will bring me to THAT point when loading a game. Seems loading a game in HS just brings me to whatever current state of Retroarch it is in...if not loaded at all, HS just bumps the game selection back to the HS game selection. Is there a setting to USE retroarch rather than LINK to Retroarch?
  12. Wow this is hard. I am hoping someone releases a pre-config folder setup for shield or regular android. I've spent many intensive months with HS on PC but cannot get this loaded up on Android. On a Marshmallow tab, loading HS only backs right out. This is on a rooted Cyogenmod build and using the Hyperspin apk from https://apkpure.com/hyperspin/com.shieldcade.hyperspin. On the shield tv, I've gotten previously as far as the HS video loading and the wheels, but nothing loads... now I'm not even getting that. I've watched every tutorial and read the forums here. Roms and paths match perfectly, case sensitive correct, and even tested with one game and one system for minimal troubleshooting. I've tried loading it in RetroArch first, and the "eject card out and put back in again" trick. My roms are not zipped except for mame. I don't understand why the path starts with H:\ but deleting it or keeping it still won't work. I've even "fixed" the strangely wrong default paths like "master system' to 'Sega Master System' ... it is most frustrating when instead of providing an error message like RocketLauncher, Android just bumps out leaving you guessing from the HS log file. Anyone have a lifeline to throw?
  13. Yes! I am trying to avoid my sd cards getting assigned random names as I suspect this is my issue with getting HS to run on Android. I assume HS cannot "see" any intended path of internal, sdcard1, or sdcard if, for example, I have a path like: /storage/F78B-1F23/Android I've tried a simple "rename" in Android, it says it did it successfully but then all file browsers still show it with the strange naming. Anyone have a fix? Also, I am trying to set up my Android build for both a Shield TV and a tablet. Is there anything different one must do for both to work or are they interchangeable?
  14. What a great topic! I found it while trying to see the best setup for Android, and I am confused as to which one or ones I should download or if now any are made redundant by newer versions. I'm aware of MAME versions and roms needing to match the version but am lost on the version variants. There is 35b, 139, Reloaded, and the cores in Retroarch. Also there are tons of "me too" distraction apps that look like builds of MAME with one or two games pre-installed. It sounds now that RetroArch may be the one thing you need?
  15. phantasy

    List of MAME clones worth playing - Redux

    Thank you Ninja- I would suggest it as the main MAME xml and would be honored to have it as such. It really adheres to the xml goals, so unless anyone disagrees with any of the removals and wishes for changes, I'm up for it. Even if changes, I am sure it will serve as the best template. Gigapig- thank you for the info on the dipswitches!! That is good news about them being in the cfg folder. If I open one in notepad++ I see no mame-build-specific writing. This is an example using Trog: MY OLD .179 cfg file with the proper dip switches set per Metalzoic: <?xml version="1.0"?> <!-- This file is autogenerated; comments and unknown tags will be stripped --> <mameconfig version="10"> <system name="trog"> <input> <port tag=":DSW" type="DIPSWITCH" mask="3072" defvalue="3072" value="2048" /> </input> </system> </mameconfig> I now did a first time loading of TROG in my .180 version folder which created a new cfg file that has no settings changed: <?xml version="1.0"?> <!-- This file is autogenerated; comments and unknown tags will be stripped --> <mameconfig version="10"> <system name="trog" /> </mameconfig> When I copy and paste over this newly created cfg with my .179 one and load it up in .180 MAME all works beautifully. So since it is just a cfg file and not the more system specific nvram ones, in theory (ha, and I guess now in practice) we could seriously just make a one-time zip of all the cfg files for the games in Metalzoic's list and just have people download and extract it into their cfg folder! Any updated MAME should work, no? I don't have time at the moment to test if a MAMEUI cfg is written the same as a MAMEFX/Arcade64 one but could try later. The new xml combined with a zip of the better cfgs would be the ultimate time saver for people.