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  1. Ah newoski! Yes, I haven't forgotten you... life got in the way about the time we messaged. I should add that I plan on fully testing your app for this when I do have my next go at the update. No need for me to reinvent the wheel if you have done it.
  2. Hey Everyone! I've been away for a long time (life gets busy) and just caught up on threads. Hope vaderag was able to be up and running. I may update the .180 xmls if needed as a refresher course for me, then when I can, tackle the latest version at that time. I can't do it every month/ for every release, but periodically I may apply this work to an updated MAME version. I may create a simple step by step tutorial to demystify some of the common "who's on first" confusion. This may also inspire others to create updated XMLs for each MAME version when Metalzoic and I don't find the time. I don't wish to take over Metalzoic's thread in any way so I'll see the best place to host this. I am continually thankful to Metalzoic - where I learned to filter MAME.
  3. Thank you Ninja- I would suggest it as the main MAME xml and would be honored to have it as such. It really adheres to the xml goals, so unless anyone disagrees with any of the removals and wishes for changes, I'm up for it. Even if changes, I am sure it will serve as the best template. Gigapig- thank you for the info on the dipswitches!! That is good news about them being in the cfg folder. If I open one in notepad++ I see no mame-build-specific writing. This is an example using Trog: MY OLD .179 cfg file with the proper dip switches set per Metalzoic: <?xml version="1.0"?> <!-- This file is autogenerated; comments and unknown tags will be stripped --> <mameconfig version="10"> <system name="trog"> <input> <port tag=":DSW" type="DIPSWITCH" mask="3072" defvalue="3072" value="2048" /> </input> </system> </mameconfig> I now did a first time loading of TROG in my .180 version folder which created a new cfg file that has no settings changed: <?xml version="1.0"?> <!-- This file is autogenerated; comments and unknown tags will be stripped --> <mameconfig version="10"> <system name="trog" /> </mameconfig> When I copy and paste over this newly created cfg with my .179 one and load it up in .180 MAME all works beautifully. So since it is just a cfg file and not the more system specific nvram ones, in theory (ha, and I guess now in practice) we could seriously just make a one-time zip of all the cfg files for the games in Metalzoic's list and just have people download and extract it into their cfg folder! Any updated MAME should work, no? I don't have time at the moment to test if a MAMEUI cfg is written the same as a MAMEFX/Arcade64 one but could try later. The new xml combined with a zip of the better cfgs would be the ultimate time saver for people.
  4. Perhaps I may sum up: The UI version of MAME has great filters to see for oneself (highly advised!) the current bloatware (for now- no offense MAME devs!). Latest MAME .180 supports 33,863 titles (when including MESS systems bios.). Before the kid in the candy store feeling takes you over, know that 22,192 of them don't work! Using other tools to scan the games, there are 7408 MAME games IF you filter out the non-working 22,192 stuff408, and the categories featured in mame_no_casino_mahjong_mature_quiz_electro_utilities.xml This includes clones because one can either play them or tick one toggle button in HyperHQ to make them appear or not appear in your Hyperspin wheel. "My" (really a team effort) 7100 games list is the remainder of said 7408 (still with clones) after further removal of 308 "more sneaky" games that should be in with the filtered out list but aren't labeled as mahjong, casino, etc. yet. The final cleansing of the list: If you remove ALL the clones, you will throw out the baby with the bathwater, so to speak. A small handful of clones you will likely still want... the reasons are stated in Metalzoic's list but the reasons vary: extra features not in the parent version, # of player controls. Imagine not having 4 players around to play Sunset Riders: more often one or two people play and you'd like to CHOOSE which character to play as). Now your wheel will display both the 4 player and the 2 player version (and serves as a reminder which games have that feature). To not lose those hidden gems we remove their tags as being a clone to make them a parent game so they do appear in your HS game selection whether you filter out clones or not. So 7100 is the magic number when all is said and done... The tricky part that stumps people I think is this: When people say filtering out the final 7100 yet one last time of clones, at this point the hard work of adding the small list of new pals like Sunset Riders 2player is not undone- those handful show up WITH your originals list (again, they are now branded as a parent/original so why wouldn't they), and that marriage leaves you 2789 total games to play without all other clones. Sounds good- how do I do it? You get this 2789 total either by using my xml (from my earlier post) labeled with that game amount, OR with the two step process of using my 7100 labeled one and ticking the "Hey Hyperspin, I may want my clones later but don't show them to me now" box in HyperHQ. Hyperspin will heed your order and just show you the 2789 the same as if you used the first method.
  5. A dipswitch / service menu settings idea... Was thinking.. what actually saves the dipswitch and service menu settings so I would not have to redo them all when I update my MAME version (which now I don't plan to for a long time)? Is it the NVRAM folder that keeps track of that? If so, would an attachment of the appropriate files (without the roms) be a good upload to save so one could just import them into a new MAME install or save other people the trouble?
  6. Well, I have finally done it! Thought I'd share a super xml for version .180 with a 7100 Game total! But first: @Metalzoic: and update on Ikari Warriors... I report a typo in the unclone list: Rambo 3 ikari irariram Bootleg/SNK Rambo version of Ikari Wariors with joystick hack note 'irariram' should change the first 'r' to a 'k' to be 'ikariram' in your unclone list. ALSO to be added to the UNCLONE list: Ikari III - The Rescue (US, Rotary Joystick) clone name: ikari3u parent name: ikari3 Manufacturer: SNK Reason: Rotary control vs 8 way joystick. BOTH OF THE ABOVE ARE FIXED IN MY NEW ATTACHED XML BELOW... Note: mame_no_casino_mahjong_mature_quiz_electro_utilities is the base xml used for the following changes... I upgraded my roms to latest version .180 and after learning Don's awesome 'Filter HyperList' tool, I redid everything from scratch which was MUCH more efficient! BIG thanks to phulshof for honoring my request to upload the former xml filters. Using .175, I was able to create a "What Metalzoic removed" xml to then apply to my .180 so there is no question or searching for the extra bar, touch etc. titles. I'm including that xml as it sits well in my genres in case I want to check them out again. Plus it may be handy to Metalzoic for reference. So, I have an xml of .180 with just those removals, and then an updated one: MAME added games from .175 to .180, were easy to sort [112 games total of 83 clones and 29 parents]. Only 4 removals needed here following Metalzoic's criteria: Deluxe 4 U (ver. 0107, 07/01/2000), Mayjinsen 3, Star Audition, and Time Scanner (TS 2.0, Magnet System, prototype) I then did my aforementioned manual edits to the xml: Strider 2 added, Afterburner 1 uncloned, Pong - pongf and pongd re-added and re-rated 'AAMA - Green (Suitable For All Ages)' as they erroneously got excluded due to the wrong 'mature' rating, Ataxx left in (it was already there). **NEW: 'Roller Crush' parent was re-added since it oddly disappeared. 'Spot (Arcadia, V 2.0)' not rejoined as previously considered: it is seemingly a console port (Also game count is now at 7100 now and I like the round number) Finally, all clones needing uncloning as featured in this thread are now uncloned. The only other tweaks are the suggested in-game changes to dipswitches/services settings, as previously mentioned. So, this is Metalzoic's awesome 7001 game xml from ver .175 now updated to 7100 games as a ver .180 xml! When filtered of clones via HyperHQ or edited xml, that brings Metalzoic's 2763 originals game count up to my 2789 in ver .180 which is 26 games added. Whew! Enjoy! Special thanks to Metalzoic, phulshof, and Don's HyperTools. Mame .180 (Final Phantasy).7z
  7. RE: Arcade (MAMEFX).. I also saw a link on mameworld.info that just announced ver 180 with a link page and description: http://arcade.mameworld.info/ What's in it? - Arcade games only - NO pinball - NO poker games - NO gambling games - NO systems that require software, such as computers and consoles - If all the games of a specific source file are not functional, then they are removed. Going to mess with all of Don's tools to find the best one then. As for which After Burner rom, there is only one not named as the sequel to unclone: </game> <game name="aburner" index="" image=""> <description>After Burner</description> <cloneof></cloneof> <crc>6c07c78d</crc> <manufacturer>Sega</manufacturer> <year>1987</year> <genre>Shooter</genre> <rating>AAMA - Green (Suitable For All Ages)</rating> <players>1</players> <ctrltype>Stick</ctrltype> <buttons>2</buttons> <score>4.1</score> <enabled>Yes</enabled> Strider 2 is: </game> <game name="strider2" index="" image=""> <description>Strider 2 (USA 991213)</description> <cloneof></cloneof> <crc></crc> <manufacturer>Capcom</manufacturer> <year>1999</year> <genre>Platform</genre> <rating>AAMA - Yellow (Animated Violence Mild)</rating> <players>4</players> <ctrltype>Joystick</ctrltype> <buttons>3</buttons> <joyways>8</joyways> <score>4.1</score> <enabled>Yes</enabled> </game> <game name="strider2a" index="" image=""> <description>Strider 2 (Asia 991213)</description> <cloneof>strider2</cloneof> <crc></crc> <manufacturer>Capcom</manufacturer> <year>1999</year> <genre>Platform</genre> <rating>AAMA - Yellow (Animated Violence Mild)</rating> <players>4</players> <ctrltype>Joystick</ctrltype> <buttons>3</buttons> <joyways>8</joyways> <score>4.1</score> <enabled>Yes</enabled> </game> <game name="shiryu2" index="" image=""> <description>Strider Hiryu 2 (Japan 991213)</description> <cloneof>strider2</cloneof> <crc></crc> <manufacturer>Capcom</manufacturer> <year>1999</year> <genre>Platform</genre> <rating>AAMA - Yellow (Animated Violence Mild)</rating> <players>4</players> <ctrltype>Joystick</ctrltype> <buttons>3</buttons> <joyways>8</joyways> <score>4.1</score> <enabled>Yes</enabled>
  8. @Metalzoic I put in a ton of work to replicate what you did for .175 now for .179 to benefit the community. I realized there was more to it than what's in my xml from the earlier post. I could use your advice on one or two minor details... Here is my work flowchart copied from you: - Start at: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/19vpff3f4x87yu4/AAB4u5ffSIweBRXOB9y1O974a/MAME 0.179?dl=0 - Begin with mame_no_casino_mahjong_mature_quiz_electro_utilities.xml (I reworded your post here to match the file name at the link). This starting xml is a change for me as now I am leaving in the handful of PlayChoice games and eliminating Mature as this will cater to more end users (speculation only). I have a Mature.xml as a genre instead. - Then I strip away nearly all the tabletop/boardgame stuff. (All Tabletop marked games removed except I left 'ataxx' and 'spot'- Thoughts? Only one game was listed as board game which I removed) - Then I strip out the Shogi Go stuff that's left over. (Removed anything marked Shougi but did not find Shogi or games with 'Go' in the title) - Then I remove all the bartop games like Megatouch etc... (Got rid of anything Megatouch and Pit Boss- am I missing others?) - Then I pull some of the crap protos and bootlegs. (** I differ in that I LEFT THEM ALL IN- I loaded a few of each and find this subject too subjective without more info. I like Hard Drivin' anything so did not want to lose them yet) - I fix the screwed up genre soccer game (Phulsof will jhave this fixed in 176) (I left untouched as this is ver 179 so should be fixed by now) - I un-clone most of the good clones listed in this topic (I did EVERY one in this and checked against all old threads. My new additions I also uncloned are After Burner and Brix... and note 'ikari3nr' changed to 'ikari3u' to unclone) - Unclone the 2P version of 4+P games (Please clarify: I did ALL in game dip-switches and F2 changes from your list, but are there any to edit in the xml?) - Fix/unclone the 2 Zero Team games (Done, but note the dubious instruction 'You must unclone both Zero Team games because there actually is no parent'... does that also mean nzeroteama: New Zero Team (V33 SYSTEM TYPE_B hardware, China?) too or just 'New Zero Team (V33 SYSTEM TYPE_B hardware)' and 'Zero Team 2000'? - Un-clone the 2 extra Neo Geo games (No Change: already uncloned) - I leave all the clones and simply filter them out in HyperHQ. That way I don't lose access to any of them if it turns out I want them. (Same Here) ...and I think that's it. NON XML tasks but VERY good to do: - After that I went through every single 4p game I listed and changed the settings or dip-switches so they play correctly 2P. Then I split that cleaned DB into all the Manufacturer wheels I use, then I split them all out with genres. ***That ends the Metalzoic instructions, but my final additional step was to add ALL variants of 'Strider 2' (Clones left in to keep everything uniform- and will also let HyperHQ filter clones). Strider 2's awesomeness supersedes any 'non-working' status. Other thoughts: STRIDER 2 - I'm leaving this tagged as a 4 player game, because hitting tab to enter the controls lists it as 4 players but I never figured out why; Strider 1 has 2pl alt mode, but has anyone ever seen any mode other than 1 player? That's for the MAME team to sort out anyway. If I am leaving in Nintendo's PlayChoice titles, what about Sega's Mega-Touch games? They have been listed as not-working for a while but I cannot figure out what is wrong with them other than that MAME says so; they seem to load and run just fine. Anyone? This brings my earlier game count of 7609 down to 7308 (which is odd since I removed Mature AND many more games per Metalzoic making me think the number would be closer to your original 7001 so I may have missed some bar games, but the extras are likely the protos and bootlegs). The attached xml should give Mame ver .179 users no_casino_mahjong_mature_quiz_electro_utilities (and obviously no Non-Working except Strider 2) plus Metalzoic's uncloning and trimming. If anyone needs genre xmls I can provide them as well. Enjoy! Mame.xml
  9. @Metalzoic The emulator does list a website: http://www.1emulation.com with the specific subsection I found here: http://www.1emulation.com/forums/forum/127-arcade/
  10. Yes, I have a similar question; I have a genre.xml with categories within and matching xmls of said categories in HyperSpin\Databases\MAME Where I am confused is I have the collection of filters that have the subfolders: Genres, Mame, Manufacturers, Players, Years If I go into 'Players' then 2P alt, then Working Games, and get the same subfolders in bold and a 2P alt.xml file. The subfolders within have more categories and yet another genre.xml. Starting from the top, I can also go to MAME, then Working Games, subfolders & xml, players, and again many player xmls and genre.xml If I wanted to grab some or all of these into my main HyperSpin\Databases\MAME folder it gets confusing which to nab.
  11. The 608 extra games are mostly if not all MATURE games which I did not filter out. I did just get hold of Arcade64 MAME for .179 which for the uninitiated, is a continuation of 32/64 bit MAMEUIFX after the official one ended at version .175. Only thing I haven't sorted out yet is why it has a total of 9845 games by default vs MAME's 33,747! I thought maybe Non-working was cut but there is a non-working section so I have to look into it more. QUESTION: Is there a separate database or filter to get the non-arcade games of MAME? Think of it as a MESS.xml WITHOUT bios. For example, in .179, under all games, if I filter out arcade, I get 2461 titles. If I further tick out Non-Working, I get 1377. Here is where it is tricky- I'd like to filter out consoles and computers (Atari 5200, BBC Micro, etc), but DO keep things like Dig Dug (Gakken), Pac Man (Tomy), and Pac-Man (Coleco, Rev. 29). Is this already covered in the 'Electronic Games' xml or is that for RetroArch/MADrigal's .exe games?
  12. Ok, ok - my arm is officially twisted. I included it now in the post above. I was just being careful not to post too many xmls to confuse the scene. Please do let me know how you like it and if you agree with the choices.
  13. Hey guys, I updated MAME to ver .179 and saw that Metalzoic's custom 7001 title xml for ver 175 left me with about 39 red titles in RL. I found about the same if I started from scratch with the dropbox semi official .179 files/filters. So I went through everything and am happy to share my findings and new files: I created a new MAME xml for current ver .179 starting with: mame_no_casino_mahjong_quiz_electro_utilities_playchoice.xml [keeping the mature games] -NON WORKING is automatic filtered out in these xmls -MECHANICAL is mostly if not ALL automatically removed under 'electromechanical' Leaving IN clones (I filter out Clones in HyperHQ) Metalzoic's last xml for ver .175 was 7001 titles, while my ver .179 has 7609 (the 600+ game count difference is almost 100% comprised of the mature games which I leave in) Then I incorporated all of the clones from the top of this thread (the good clones are uncloned). Two additions you may or may not wish to cut: - Finally I also UNCLONED After Burner as I consider parts 1 and 2 two different games. - I added the three 'Strider 2' titles as though it is marked as NON-WORKING, I play it perfectly (it may crash late in the game).. life without Strider 2 is no life for me. Notes: - Though Mahjong games are excluded, happily for me by default Shanghai games are left in which I was a fan of on Sega Master System so I'm happy for the arcade ports. - The two Neo Geo titles mentioned are included by default and I did not need to add them. Now RL shows a complete .179 set as missing 41 titles, but they should work fine in HS regardless as they are either built in to a parent like 'breakout' or clones that will be filtered out anyway. This is totally unofficial so my xml is available by PM only. right here and right now. ;) Mame.xml
  14. Hey thanks r0man0! Having a look at them now. Truly appreciate you! Question, what is the difference between the manufactures lists and the current official xmls? For example, Atari Classics is 412 vs your 464 total games. How do you create your lists? Some of the other filters like the various resolutions ones are soo handy. Really top notch!!
  15. Looking at 'breakout' - it is still listed as Breakout [TTL] under the directory 'breakout' and source of 'pong.cpp' In 179, the game seemingly has no rom nor chd for it, and auditing it says none required in MAMEUI and plays just fine. I wonder if a similar mystery is going on with the other titles.
  16. Hmm, that is odd. I don't seem to have nearly as missing as you do. I am curious how things pan out and sorting out what caused it.
  17. Thanks for these!! Curious, shouldn't I be able to extract the xmls from Working/Manufacturers into the MAME sub 'Classics' sections like Atari, Williams etc.? If I rename the xmls to be RocketLauncher matched and my roms are 179, shouldn't I have no errors? For example, I am still missing three in Atari Classics: breakout calspeedb vaportrxp Sega Classics is missing: gamegeaj gpriders Is there a method to get everything to match up perfectly? Thanks!
  18. Version 1.4 (Unofficial)


    DISCLAIMER: Though doing similar work as the main uploaders, I am new and still learning from the heavy hitter rockstars of the Hyperspin community. I only humbly propose this update xml for official inclusion. WHAT IS THIS FILE? This brings the former game total of Sega SG-1000 from 75 to 82 and complete as far as I can see. I tested my Japan, Taiwan, and World releases (and TOSEC) to update the original list. I verified and deleted any clones of Japanese releases and then tested what's left. Notes: - Circus Charlie (Taiwan): I chose the Taiwan version of Circus Charlie over the Korean as Taiwan is a more predominant region for SG-1000 games, keeps the list Japan/Taiwan exclusive, and this uniforms the game play by NOT skipping the 'exclusive content' logo. -Jing Wu Men - Fist Of Fury (Taiwan): I chose this extension of the title to translate 'Jing Wu Men' as I often can't remember awesome Japanese games when the title sounds like gibberish. Also note, the game seems not to respond to controls for a few moments after the game loads. Just wait longer. Please advise me if you would like adjustments, and enjoy!
  19. Version 1.1


    New version (unofficial) 1.1! Tyoushin Heiki Zeroigar (Japan) has an English translation - translation is now included with the original title name changed of this amazing shooter. Alternate name change contenders (still debatable, and I can change this to group consensus): "Tyoushin Heiki Zeroigar" - (original database name) "Choujin Heiki Zeroigar" (Romhacking.net translation refers to this name) "Super God Trooper - Zeroigar" (Youtube translation) "God Fighter Zeroigar" was chosen for now- when a Japanese title translation is up for grabs, the English is pronounceable, and went with the title that appears on the title screen. I did remove the dash in the title for now until I sort out why Rocket Launcher lists it as missing, even when renaming my files and within my cue. For those new to the system: PC-FX has 62 games (database and Wikipedia/websites) and was a Japanese only console. This update is still at 62 games and only updates one game's play-ability and title. This one translation, albeit a possible update of name change, should complete the xml until any future English translations exist since the only other PCFX media out there is the Anime Freak FX 1-6 series, and (Super) PCE Fan (Deluxe) Special CD-Rom series. Still to do for potential updates: I will test "Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna FX - SE" for exclusive content against the non "SE" labeled one. SE = Special Edition or Second Edition? Could just be a 'Rev B' type of situation.
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