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  1. BroodOvermind

    NESICAxLive problems

    I have both ttx_config2.0.exe and JConfig.exe but I can't seem to get the controls to actually work. Am I just putting the files in the wrong place?
  2. BroodOvermind

    Development Teasers

    Awesome!! Is there a release date on HyperAI? What's going on with that?
  3. Is there a solution for this yet?
  4. BroodOvermind

    (Tutorial) How to Setup MUGEN in hyperspin

    did anyone ever figure out a way to keep mugen from crashing when you hit esc?? it's really annoying
  5. BroodOvermind

    choose an item from the list first ? Help!

    Anyone know how to solve this? Just now started getting this error not sure why.
  6. BroodOvermind

    Console Sorting / Organization

    Wow, wasn't expecting so much feedback so quick! Thanks for the suggestions, I think I have some ideas now!!
  7. BroodOvermind

    Console Sorting / Organization

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this question, but is there any way to create submenus for the console list in Hyperspin? I would like to have the top level be Arcade, Home Consoles, Handheld Games, and PC. Then inside each are the relevant consoles. Is there a way to do this? I just recently started getting into this and I am already finding it to be daunting to others who are trying to find something specific, there's just so many consoles haha. If not, how do other people organize their console list to make it easy to find stuff? Alphabetically seems counter intuitive, especially since Gamecube is under N, Neo Geo is under S, etc. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!
  8. BroodOvermind

    Confused on Genre.xml

    bumping this thread. I'm sure there must be a way to sync these database genre things by now right? I'm up to 76 consoles but only very few genre's set up