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  1. demonseed


  2. Are you using the xbox wireless pad?? I never had luck with that.
  3. So.. although i did not follow the tutorial all that well it works Only thing I can not find is main menu movie, and a theme for the system. Also just found Pinball FX2 how does it compare? I doubt I can run it as DX 11 wont work on my machine.
  4. Ok So I did some more testing.. in HS.. it loads to Pinball Arcade, hit start and it seems to go to the game I picked.. but within Pinball arcade.. is this correct? or should it boot to the game directly. I have attached photos of my settings. Also Where do I find all the artwork?
  5. Ok So I went back and double checked. I had pointed to the wrong rom folder? or do I not do that? The games are now listed under games but all red. when I click a game Pinball arcade now loads but not into the game. I will double check what I have done but I think i did it correctly.
  6. Ok i think I set it all up , but when I hit game list I get nothing?? I noticed in my DX9/tables/resources directory all tables are .Rez files., but int he same folder tehre is a tables directory with .csv extensions? What name is correct? I can not get the games to show up./. and short form names much different thatn database.. is that the issue>?
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