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  1. Chriz!! I send the Virtualflip to JP because he lives in a small apartment and has no space for a cabinet
  2. Very good idea HKR I tell you that I, living in Argentina have donated a Virtualflip (control pinball) as a thank JP SALAS years of work for our community pinball I would love to contribute something from here .. if they need some cash could donate it, nothing else because from here would be very expensive. And Scott Deserves That and more!!! greetings LEO PS: here I send a photo of JP and his gift.
  3. please ask to UW or Manofwar... i dont use uvp but i dont know why dont work?
  4. sorry my friends i dont use uvp on tables with DMD. Maybe if Manofwar do work movements in backglass like SS, T3, BadCats etc etc I implement UVP in those Tables.... in the meantime I only put the coordinates for DMD and left HPin do the rest.
  5. .SplashInfoLine = "Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines - Stern 2003" & vbNewLine & "A Visual Pinball Table by Megapin V1.1" .HandleKeyboard = 0 .ShowTitle = 0 .ShowDMDOnly = 1 .ShowFrame = 0 .HandleMechanics = 0 .Hidden = 0 On Error Resume Next .Run GetPlayerHWnd .SetDisplayPosition 1830, 460 (here you put the coordinates for you use) If Err Then MsgBox Err.Description On Error Goto 0 End With
  6. Hey... Manofwar or Highrise or UVP team... i hope you can animate the RPG in the Backglass!!! Here how looks the SS of JP Salas... (tomorrow in Vpforums!!!) There are a Great bacglass to do with animation too!!!
  7. HEY!! Manofwar and Highrise please do the UVP with animations! The SS of JP Salas see the light tomorrow... the UVP maybe great too!
  8. Here the T3 of Groni with the RPG Fixed... I hope like and works fine.. please TESTIT! (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3HIZ9BJW UW announciate!! soon!!) Cheers
  9. Mmmm not.. the plastics only the PDF i send you…

    Maybe pm to http://www.firepowerpinball.com/ to [email protected] to phil… are great person… maybe have a great scans of plastics!!!

    Dont work my outlook... sorry

  10. My Friend.. one of better Machine i saw! The emulation created are PERFECT!!! The Virtual Pinball more close to Reality seen! PERFECT! GREAT! Congratulations!!!
  11. This are the SPlayfield of Galaxy (M Brunker`s).... I Export some plastics.. if you want i upload too
  12. Try FP Galaxy of Martin Brunker... If dont , i try to ask him to send me the pics.. ok?
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