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  1. Give the app remotr a try. I found that it had much better performance than kino console
  2. It uses mali video drivers and not nvidia. Perhaps some day down the road but as of now it wouldn't work.
  3. This is your answer from another post in the forum by reznnate "Will add support for more devices eventually but only NVIDIA OpenGL drivers work currently. The focus for near-term updates is 'new features' so the mobile Android experience meets or exceeds a PC."
  4. Just tried out the debug build. Everything works like it should. You have to change your key bindings/menu hotkeys to get the settings to stay after you launch inside hyperspin. It seems to be working perfect. Thanks!
  5. I was trying to get retroarch running through hyperspin. Like everyone else, the bindings failed blah blah blah. I think the difference between retroarch and the other emulators is that retroarch requires the cfg file. While the others are coded in to the emulator itself. So when you try to launch retroarch through hyperspin it basically ignores the config file completely because it has no way of reading the config file when in hyperspin. Perhaps in a future update you would be able to make it so you could could point to the config file through the parameters. That would be my guess anyway.
  6. I wouldn't mind seeing this working on an odroid.
  7. Dang...I just bought a 1.5ghz quad core ODROID-C1 for $35 dollars...guess I'll be buying this windows running little beast too if your testing goes well.
  8. I've been here from the beginning and will be here til the end. Glad to see you around again.
  9. Gold members don't expire...unless something changed.
  10. Not well. Some emulators will run fine, but hyperspin will run very slow.
  11. I use a 2.6ghz e3400 dual core celeron(for now anyway). It runs most stuff fine. Except dreamcast,ps2,wii and more intense games as stated above. An i5 would do you good or if on a budget go for an Amd a10-6800k.
  12. Try uninstalling the keyboard driver and then reinstalling it.
  13. Zinger19

    HyperBase Live

    Looks awesome! Can't wait
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