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  1. 1) Should Hyperspin and emulators be stored on an SSD, and just store the games on an HDD? I don't care about the cost, since this is a long term project anyway. Yeah I plan on being a ridiculous completionist (somewhat) so I will need a LOT of space (more than 12tb at least) My goal is to have artwork and media for all of my games/systems on Hyperspin (Up to/ including the 6th gen consoles (Xbox/PS2/GC)). 2) Is there a way to chain HDD's and partition/make your PC think that they are 1 drive location? (instead of separate locations/data) Are there Pros/Cons to this? If this is not possible, then lets say for example "Console A's" roms are stored on 2 different HDD locations. (half are on HDD1 and the other half are on HDD2) Would it even matter that they're on 2 different drives? Thank you.
  2. I plan on eventually having all systems and games up to/including Xbox, PS2, and GC generation of games. My question is: what Hdd brand/capacity would you recommend? (also how can you chain them together?) Thank you.
  3. Does anyone know if it is possible to swap the pointer when scrolling through the system selection wheel? I'm looking to make it where when I am scrolling through the wheel it matches each system. (I'm not talking about when I select a system and go into the game wheel) Would I have to make a script for this to work? If so, where would I place it? Thank you.
  4. Oh really? Then yes, eventually It will be on a different computer entirely.
  5. I plan on having everything located on drive itself. So, say the 1st HDD was set as (G:) and the 2nd HDD is (F:) I would first start from scratch and have everything, including Hyperspin, within Drive (G:) I would eventually copy everything from HDD1 to HDD2, then wipe HDD1, and then set the HDD2 as (G:). Now with all the files being on Drive 2, wouldn't all the paths remain pointing to (G:)? [ ie. all paths in tact and everything working the same as it did on HDD1 ]
  6. I plan on getting a 4tb hard drive. However, in the meantime I want to utilize my time and start from scratch to build up a Hyperspin library on my current Hard drive. My question is: As long as both hard drives have the same directory (lets say- Drive G for example) will everything work okay once I transfer all the files over to the second drive? Thank you.
  7. I deleted the link. But I'm trying to make sure if pleasuredome ends in .org (if I'm on the correct site)
  8. I just want to make sure, Is this the correct site? By the way, what Hdd size would you suggest? I plan on adding artwork/ non-default font / video previews/ animations/ other elements for every game/ emulator ( if they are missing any elements ).
  9. Thank you all for the replies. I actually have been registered here as well as EmuMovies, but it's been quite a long time since I was here/there. Question though: How would I be able to become a member of pleasuredome and bitgamer if it is invite only? ( As I don't know anyone from those sites )
  10. I'm looking to buy the 4tb hard drive containing Hyperspin and all the included systems, but I have 2 questions: http://www.hyperspin-systems.com/collections/all/products/hyperspin-150-systems-4tb-external-hdd A) Is there a list of games that are included? If so where can I find it? I want to make sure that each system contains all of its respective games, as well as make a list of missing games (or at least for Mugen, Mame, gamecube, ps2, and xbox) Thank you. B ) Does this hard drive contain all videos/artwork for each game? Edit: I'm not purchasing a preconfigured HDD, and I'll start from scratch.
  11. I did that, but the issues are still there..
  12. I added rom in the extensions but it still has the same issues. (doesn't launch games, and when I try to launch a game from the hyperspin game list the buttons stop functioning (can't press esc to go back/etc until I alt tab out and back into hyperspin)
  13. 2 questions: Does anyone know why Hyerspin freezes (its almost like it launches the game and keypresses don't do anything in the hyperspin menu until I alt tab out and back) Does anyone know how to get Creativision to work using mame? Thank you.
  14. Does anyone know a guide or how to set up the Amiga Cd32 (Amiga cd32 [not Amiga]) using WinUAE? Thank you.
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