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  1. Hello to the Hyperspin Community, I hope you are
    well where I am in Guatemala we are all in quarantine my family is well God is in control
    to my friends all over the world I hope you are well
    Hola a la Comunidad Hyperspin, espero que esten
    bien donde se encuentren yo en Guatemala  todos estamos en cuarentena mi familia se encuentra bien Dios tiene el control
    a mis amigos en todo el mundo espero que se encuentren bien Dios los Bendiga
  2. Hopefully jsinn and dionymnia will pop back at some point, they did such a fantastic job
  3. Great upload thankyou, do you please have the wheels set to go with these and your other sets. Thankyou
  4. Brilliant, thanks for sharing. You have made a good job of this and im really liking your Mame bezels :-)
  5. hello my friend. I need this HUCARDS buts i cannnot acces:


  6. Hi guys fantastic job on these, just to ask is there an update at all with games like Pikachu Detective etc. Many thanks once again
  7. Couldnt have said it better myself jumpstile ;-)
  8. Yep I agree as you guys know im a massive fan of hyperspin and have met some great people while being involved in the community. I think that hyperspin 2.0 will obviously be great but personally I would be more than happy with an easy theme conversion option from 4:3 to 16:9 which seems a bit laborious at the moment, and a tweak so that hypertheme could display and edit both 4:3 and 16:9 (damn hypertheme is a superb little util :-)). Joystick menu support would be cool for people that said I have my navigation sorted via joy2key. I am extremely happy with my setup and would really hope that even with a new release that this version is supported and added to, just little tweaks really. Its solid and a superb frontend, yes there was a steep learning curve but once you get to grips with it the rewards are worth it. Keep up the great work guys, Fire10
  9. 3d box link fix it !!!

  10. Amazing work my good friend!!! Just need a decent set of wheels now, must be the last system without a good set ;-)
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