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  1. On 3/21/2019 at 11:20 AM, Torden said:

    In the swap disc function for rocketlauncher it needs to be the exact same file name before (Disc x). It works completely fine with the description after in multi disc, so the way it is in the database, it is not a problem.

    This is a personal preference, so I would like to hear if anyone else of you have more opinions to add regarding this. I can change those too.



    This is incorrect - I tested this with the MSX2 database after manually altering the RetroArch module, since the BlueMSX core supports m3u.

    If you look at the m3u file after RocketLauncher creates it, it will list the files like this: (forgive me if I have Leon and Claire reversed)

    Resident Evil 2 (USA) (Disc 1) (Leon).chd
    Resident Evil 2 (USA) (Disc 2).chd

    If not '.chd,' . cue, .pbp or whatever format you happen to use.

    The first game in the list will be named properly, after the game you loaded, and all subsequent games will be missing any txt after "(Disc #)," and therefore will not load when you attempt to.

    It really sucks because I was looking forward to having disk swap for MSX, but it is imperative that you have those tags, e.g. 'data disk' 'user disk' etc.

    So if you want proper disc swap support with RocketLauncher you should really rename the games.

  2. I've read elsewhere that attachments aren't working, thought I'd give this a try.

      <game name="SimCity (USA) (Proto)" index="" image="">
        <description>SimCity (USA) (Proto)</description>
        <cloneof />
        <rating>Other - NR (Not Rated)</rating>





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  3. I appreciate the constructive criticism, and if you want to do some A+ quality work, I won't take offense, but I was just sharing what I had. :) I'm not a wheel guy because I just don't have the patience to go 'the extra mile.' (at this stage in my life, for this particular hobby)

    Looking forward to seeing you, or someone else do them proper, but in the meantime,  B grade artwork IMO is much better than nothing. :)

  4.     <game name="Touch Detective Rising 3 - Does Funghi Dream Of Bananas (Japan) (Translated En)" index="" image="">
            <description>Touch Detective Rising 3: Does Funghi Dream Of Bananas? (Japan) (Translated En)</description>
            <manufacturer>Success Corporation</manufacturer>
            <rating>CERO - A (All Ages)</rating>


    Touch Detective Rising 3 - Does Funghi Dream Of Bananas (Japan) (Translated En).png

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  5. It can, but should I really have to set up 90+ systems worth of RocketLauncher media, when it is capable of pulling the media right from your folders? :)

    It's cool that you have tools that can make the job easier, don't get me wrong. But it's still a job, and it's still a hassle. With Launchbox, you drop your 4:3 (I shouldn't even have to call it that) artwork in the folder and you're done. (And RocketLauncher sees it and uses it, with no extra configuration required).

    Just out of curiosity, do your scripts resize swf files in themes as well?

  6. 3 hours ago, dark13 said:

    The only way to "prevent" is creating a 4:3 theme and a 16:9 theme, background really needs 2 different assets as the "logic" of spacing is different :P . The problem is most themes were made before quick methods to support crisp looking 16:9 were discovered (basically you need to have flash to deal with the ratio conversion itself), so theme creators haven't done 16:9 themes.
    Using Adobe flash and my .jsfl scripts it is possible to convert a theme to 16:9 without any knowledge of flash BUT backgrounds need to be redone.

    I understand what you're saying, but to be clear, I was referring to having to open up all of my artwork in photoshop and reduce the width to 75% for everything. It's a serious pain, and once you do it, you can't reuse your artwork for anything else. You open it up in RocketLauncher's Pause, and it looks terrible. You can't sym link the distorted artwork to another front end to save space.

    A lot of the best themes available are not easily fixed. Part of the appeal of alternative frontends is not having to deal with any of that. I personally just leave everything in 4:3, even though the stretch is annoying.

  7. My two cents.

    On the one hand, I completely understand the frustration some people have. My biggest annoyance is the lack of 16:9 support. TBH as soon as the dev(s) got wind of the community taking the time to 'convert' artwork from 4:3 to 16:9, steps should have been taken to add this. Now, as a result, I can almost guarantee you most people's setups are an odd mixture of 16:9 and 4:3 artwork. It's a mess, and it could have been prevented. I love the 4:3 themes way too much to give them up, and NO WAY am I taking the time to 'fix' what could be done by the devs.

    But on the other hand, I didn't pay for HyperSpin. Not one dime. I paid for FTP access, sure, but the program itself was free. It's hard to have too much entitlement with that in mind. And also... if it took most of us 'months and months' to get our personal HyperSpin setups looking good, I can only imagine how long it takes for someone developing a frontend to give us all the ability to make it look and function even better.

    As dated as HyperSpin is, it's still a valid frontend. It is not obsolete. It is still the flashiest frontend I've ever seen. It still impresses people.

    I have a feeling that this is being worked on night and day. They want to blow us away when it's released... and on some level I really respect that.

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  8. I try to keep things in perspective. It doesn't belong in an HQ wheel set. It's B grade for sure - good enough for most people, and certainly better than nothing. But the jump in quality from B to A+++ is steep, indeed.

    ...but that jump becomes negligible after you resize it to 400x175, and well... I just don't care *that* much, to be frank. :)

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