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  1. i'm running into the same issue with SWF files, not all of us use Adobe to make wheel icons or swf files, I'm using Aurora 3D text and logo maker, and it's shifting all the SWF wheel icons to the right. Is there any way an offset can be created in the settings.ini for the menu? The only application that i know of that you can make use a negative stage is adobe.
  2. Sorry, I got confused on what was said, my bad.
  3. That was 5 months ago with. Normal edition and iPad.
  4. You absolutely do not need the deluxe edition. I've had the normal edition working for half a year now on iPac with vjoy, Also metallic you most likely used the wrong version if only back in the day. You need to use the one from headsoft.. If people still don't believe that it works with the normal version, they can check out my youtube video posted months ago
  5. Are you using the correct version of vjoy? you need to use the verion here: http://headsoft.com.au/index.php?category=vjoy not here: http://vjoystick.sourceforge.net/site/ They are TOTALLY different version and do different things, try the vjoy from headsoft, that's the version i use that works... THEN after you have headsoft vjoy up and running, THEN you use xboxce
  6. So, the Ipac Ultimate will control the buttons and led's I picked one of those up, it took me hour to program, and still working on it.
  7. cost me 50$ for the cab, I had the pc lying around, bought 100 dollars of wood/mdf, lcd screen cost me 120$. buttons+joysticks+ipac ultimate were the expensive part at 300$ the rest was all labor. of course the pc would have been a big cost if I hadn't been sitting on it for a while. the systems menu is a nested hyperspin setup, where you select the category of game. then it loads up the main wheel for that category.
  8. got it working for ipac keyboard encoder on my cab. Yes, it does work, and it runs perfect, I have an Ipac Ultimate from ultimarc but any ipac should work. https://www.reddit.com/r/HyperSpin/comments/5ckjj8/got_street_fighter_v_and_mortal_kombat_x_working/
  9. Here are a few videos, I still need to add 2 spinner and then 2 aimtraks to the build, but i'm super happy everything works fantastic! Also, the wii controllers working I'm super happy how this all came out so far, more to come..
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