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  1. Each time I use Don tools to rename roms I can getting pop of below error. I am using Win 7. Rename Roms has stopped working Problem signature: Problem Event Name: CLR20r3 Problem Signature 01: Rename ROMs.exe
  2. I have this and it helps me to remove and replace names, but I cannot figure out how to rename roms with XML or media.
  3. Hi Hyperspinners Just wanna ask what do you suggest should I rename roms or media files for systems like Wii, Xbox, PS3, etc ? Recently downloaded xbox classic games, unfortunately all of them are having (i) at the back of the game name. tested using Don tools renamer, but it is not very accurate and left out some, also tried FAT Match renaming and coping to new folder take ages nor showing how much % been done. Is there any program which can rename it without duplicating the file to new folder or not to leave old one at origin otherwise become very complex, because some of the game names are correct , at the end need to go thru all one by one to find out which to delete and which not. Happy gaming and remember to wear mask my dear friends
  4. I am also using lnk shortcuts with latest update and it load fine. Only issue is exiting by ESC it never exit emulator
  5. Thanks for sharing this . I think will be easier than using UCR
  6. There is a tool out there to modify your theme . I have used the same too, but the name I dont remember will update you when back home.
  7. Hi Mate I am not sure if you still here on hyperspin Hope that you will read this I was looking for a complete pack artwork + videos for (Sega Y Board & Sega X Board) If you can help me with these files really appreciate. thank you
  8. Thank you for clearing my mind. Negative wiring mine was connect all together didnt find any issue . I wanted to ask if you know how to restore or recover back the default Mame Keys to ipac board? What happened is I have upgraded the firmware but seems all my records been erased after upgrade. I was using ultimate board.
  9. Hi Friends I need your advise My IPAC Ultimate I/O was bought in 2016-2017 cant remember exactly. I am using Win7 Ultimate SP1 I have noticed new firmware been released so I installed WinIPAC V2 and connected my board , upgraded to 1.49 i/o nogp firmware Now the problem is green light does turn on which mean board is fine and all my RGB buttons will lit up as usually when startup computer, but it wont off till I pull the wire. Normally it will off when I start using the computer. Also the buttons stopped working I have tried typing on notepad. Dont understand what went wrong. Year back I did upgrade firmware to 1.32 without this problem all was smooth. I can see ultimarc in device manager keyboard and I have also tried uninstalling the driver but problem still exist. All my wirings are correct and it was working on Hyperspin Just day ago. What should I do now to test further ? My board is very less been used , because I don't play much . Could it be winipac v2 wiped all the settings? How to reset to factory default?
  10. Is this important to wire grounding separate ? What do you mean by open and not close on switches?
  11. I have set this up with RA 1.5 version + snes9x core and is working fine with fade screen + bezel. But I am still interest to find out why on earth snes9x in RA is loading behind the fade screen and fade screen not fading away only with this emu. Can you try snes9x and see if is RL issue or something? By the way if someone can share with me latest XML for this system I would really appreciate. Worth updating my RA?
  12. Let me try this tomorrow and post the result here .Appreciate mate
  13. Hey Hyperspinners whzup! Planning to add some systems recently and banging my head again on HS. Troubles are always with me and maybe someone can help me lighten me up. I am trying to setup Nintendo Satellaview with snes9x 1.5 , but rl stuck at fade screen, game running behind if I force end RL. Tried updating to snes 1.60 recent ver, disabling bezels, but still the same. Any thoughts? Games are none zip .
  14. Is that true HS 2.0 will really come? Tapatalk を使用して私の MIX から送信
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