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  1. Yes RA shaders are the best , but never thought of using dc core. Maybe I should give it a try. Tapatalk を使用して私の MIX から送信
  2. Why RA for DC games? Tapatalk を使用して私の MIX から送信
  3. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my friends from other part of world. Remember to feed the birds and animals if they are starving outside. Tapatalk を使用して私の MIX から送信
  4. Thanks for sharing this . I think will be easier than using UCR
  5. Thank you so much for this artwork. Look very clean. Short question . I have used HyperSpin SpecialArt Organiser for all my systems /special art b. If I want to use everything except changing above what should I need to skip?
  6. So many goodies here I have been missing. Salute to you friend
  7. shitoken


  8. You will need a safe box bro [emoji6] Tapatalk を使用して私の A0001 から送信
  9. Maybe I will need to start ebaying for controllers.
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