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  1. definitely not us as I partially run the official facebook page
  2. what took you so long Andyman this is long overdue congrats
  3. My published article on emumovies is here for you


    1. MADrigal


      wtf the server has crashed!?!?!

      i swear it was not my fault hahahaha! :-D

      thanks buddy, i will read the article once the server is back online!

  4. http://thehyperspinreport.blogspot.co.uk/

    check the top article there is a little more i got to write and a little demo of donkey kong I got to record other than that. that all i got to say


    1. MADrigal


      Thank you kindly, buddy! I am really flattered, it is great to receive some feedback after all these years.

      I just have one thing to say: my project has never been 'dormant', I have always been pretty active. Between 2007 and 2017 I upgraded all the games from the old standard to the new one, now it is just time to carry out the very ultimate upgrade and make the games as flexible and compatible as the community wants

      Again, thanks for the nice words and your support.


    2. jackhammersalm


      My apologies, its just doesn't get covered which a bit of a crime personally


    3. MADrigal


      No need to apologise, mate. Thank you very much for writing the article :)

  5. why is it that I always walk into the shitstorms

    1. JSinn


      Be sure to carry an umbrella, lol

  6. great more morons to ban, why do Spammers still try so hard :P

  7. no you need to be a supporting member because hypersync only downloads the 480p videos Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk 4
  8. my next machine will be windows 7 XP has outlived its usfulness. Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk 2
  9. What made you tag the jackhammer friend

  10. did you get your invite to dropbox

  11. where in the uk are you from

  12. dude where are you based

  13. you up for a drink next week sosfx

  14. just watched you NES pc build it's sweet

  15. hello there facebooker

  16. welcome to the board

  17. bloody hell, sod law

  18. me, canning town east London

  19. welocme to my friends list dude

    Jumper jackhammersalm

  20. circo, thanks for releasing the flv files on pleasuredome, you've saved me a tremendous amount of grief so thanks again dude

  21. bill, you'd be surprised how many people are interested in this project
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