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  1. no offense, this is not duke nukem forever. this stuff takes time and would like in a state of an EA game guys
  2. My published article on emumovies is here for you


    1. MADrigal


      wtf the server has crashed!?!?!

      i swear it was not my fault hahahaha! :-D

      thanks buddy, i will read the article once the server is back online!

  3. http://thehyperspinreport.blogspot.co.uk/

    check the top article there is a little more i got to write and a little demo of donkey kong I got to record other than that. that all i got to say


    1. MADrigal


      Thank you kindly, buddy! I am really flattered, it is great to receive some feedback after all these years.

      I just have one thing to say: my project has never been 'dormant', I have always been pretty active. Between 2007 and 2017 I upgraded all the games from the old standard to the new one, now it is just time to carry out the very ultimate upgrade and make the games as flexible and compatible as the community wants

      Again, thanks for the nice words and your support.


    2. jackhammersalm


      My apologies, its just doesn't get covered which a bit of a crime personally


    3. MADrigal


      No need to apologise, mate. Thank you very much for writing the article :)

  4. Welcome to the club Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  5. I am planning to run my random game articles with the help of stream has anyone figured out how to stream OBS with HS and Rocketlauncher combined especially with emulators pointers are useful here
  6. interesting little thing (not sure its a bug or what) but while looking at my task manager I noticed there are multiple entries for Hyperbase live. even when shut down it's still active. whats the story
  7. it refused to log me in and I used my JHS password
  8. why is it that I always walk into the shitstorms

    1. JSinn


      Be sure to carry an umbrella, lol

  9. great more morons to ban, why do Spammers still try so hard :P

  10. Whats the story Sent from Jumpers Recently repaired Samsung Galaxy S3
  11. Why do you want to delete your account Sent from Jumpers Recently repaired Samsung Galaxy S3
  12. funny thing is kasparsky says it's a positive and I know it's a false positive. won't allow me to ignore it the thing it claims is a trojan is hyperbrite. don't need it so I allow it
  13. why the hell would you want remote access in the first place
  14. love this very ingenious Sent from Jumpers battered Samsung Galaxy S3
  15. no you need to be a supporting member because hypersync only downloads the 480p videos Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk 4
  16. well a lot has changed on the hyperspin front and hardware has changed as well cheaper SSD better onboard stuff and the move from FLV videos to MP4 your 2 year old project would benefit from some serious updates
  17. LOL Sent from Jumpers battered Samsung Galaxy S3
  18. nice little spec Sent from Jumpers battered Samsung Galaxy S3
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