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  1. right for those who care 

    here is the format I will start writing by 

    news from the emulation scene 

    the crazy world of modern gaming which is really crazy

    A remake that grabs my attention

    and the retro inspired game review 

    final thoughts and signing off

    that's generally my format for the foreseeable future

    if you have any thought go to the discord



  2. well I started writing the article about 2 weeks ago only finished it on Thursday

    I will try and cover everything a bit more regularly

    working on the format as we speak 

    I am going to go to back and play crossing souls because a I love the game also I am going to review it for the next article

    I will include more detailed views of the emuVR and and customizable nature of it, even if its a my personal views I include the movies and some music plus will show you the Nintendo line ups in the 3d environment. I will show you how good it is for a single developer. the artist scene is quite detailed. 

    I will give you just basic info for emulators nothing too detailed as the readme's are normally are something like 10 pages long 

    would you want a discord stream where I do the prep for the videos for the articles where I could do some video on the players 

    will setup the pinball systems just for you. what would like a stream to be about even though it a private one will edit content for Youtube

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  3. Don't worry I got ideas in my head, don't worry about that

    I will cover our beloved site because Hyperspin has transended just our little frontend as the artwork and themes are used in other frontends as well

    I plan on covering the remakes scene as well. 

    also plan on covering game engines on some of us true creative gamers who think they like their hand at creating an actual game

    might cover modern games as well (NOT COD OR BATTLEFIELD as I don't play well with other)

    will be covering the pinball emulation scene as well with respective frontends

    if you guys have any other ideas I will look at them


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  4. speaking of which, what content would like to see out of me if I restarted the reports as a straight report covering gaming in general

    need ideas from you guys so I can give you guys any information needed within the scene and outside the scene


    I will present it as both a video for youtube consumption and with notes and edited on the article page itself

    I plan on giving you content again with improved production and skills 


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  5. Sorry guys, been here on and off over the past couple of years

    work has been claiming more of my time. anyways I will trying to return to the fold more often as gaming list has grown

    along with my patience for crap which has reduced a lot. really need to start making content as in reviews and commentaries like I used to

    its not much but  have been keeping an eye on the scene and I have been more of a lurker than a commentor over the past couple of years

    Thats going to change 

    in other words 

    I'm BACK!!!!!

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