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  1. i have problem of dead pixel with my pinled. i have contacted pinled for warranty but no reponse... do you have a link for module on ebay ?
  2. verry good job you can remove the real dmd in alphanumeric and mechanic tables. Go with regedit to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Freeware \ Visual PinMAME \ hs_l4 (name of rom) (hs_l4 is an example) and change from one into showpindmd 0.
  3. 700ma it will be good for ledwiz? I think it is limited to 500ma thank you for your indulgence for my newbie questions
  4. I'm confused. I do not know what to choose. for example red. I have to choose forward voltage 350ma (2.1 or 2.5V) or 700ma 2.3v? here the datasheet http://www.cree.com/led-components-and-modules/products/xlamp/arrays-directional/~/media/Files/Cree/LED%20Components%20and%20Modules/XLamp/Data%20and%20Binning/XLampMCE.pdf
  5. yes of course. but the reistors (ohm), I have to take How often (ohm) ?
  6. hi I found on ebay: Quantity: 1 pcs Power: 5W ~ 10W Emitted Color: RGB + White Wavelength: Red - 620-630nm, Green - 520-535nm, Blue: 450-465nm Intensity Luminous (Iv): 370LM ~ 430LM DC Forward Voltage (VF): ~ 4.0 Vdc 3.4Vdc DC Forward Current: 350mA ~ 700mA DC Forward Current (IF): 750mA Typ Diameter: 20mm Viewing Angle: 110 Degree I must take strength by how much? 12v power. 11 ohm?
  7. hello for contactors 24v, it must use relays. also knocker 24v? for everything that plugs into the ledwiz must put diodes? fuse 500ma for everything?
  8. wahou, it's amazing :congrats: I started too in the realization of a virtual pinball machine. http://www.gamoover.net/Forums/index.php?topic=25998.0 I found the Siemens Contactor 3RT1017-1VB41. "KOPPELSCHUETZ, 5.5 KW/400V, 3POLIG, BGR. S00, 1S, DC 24V, 0.85 ... 1.85 x 1.4 W U.S., SCHRAUBANSCHLUSS integrierte DIODE" do you think I can use them in my pinball cab? thank you for your help?
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