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  1. And here I thought I had a compadre in this. Now I'm all alone in the cold. (As a side note, I did try to unlink / close / start / link.... still no go to linking anything other than the above mentioned letters and system theme)
  2. Forgot to mention that I can force Downloads and I get the downloads. My guess would be that somewhere the files aren't being found with the correct names and not letting it match up. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I've recently ran into a problem. I posted this in another location (in a post about Don's tools), but this might be the proper place as it is a HyperSync issue. I cannot get my HyperSync to sync NES or SNES files. It appears to be searching, but never finding the ROMs. This would make sense if the ROMs were misnamed. I did DL the files (torrent) and used Don's Tools (renamer) to change the names. Ran into an issue with Nestopia running properly and soon after found out there was a newer version of the Renamer (RC2). I installed that and no problems running NES on Nestopia. Installed SNES using ZSNESW. Got that running no problem (had to use the renamer again with these ROMs). Everything runs inside and out properly from Hyperspin. However, Sync'ing is another issue. The only thing that is syncing properly for NES & SNES is the images/Letters folder. Otherwise it just runs a search for both nintendo systems and I get bubkis. I thought I might have screwed something up with the hypersync, so I deleted the content in my Daphne Wheel folder (aren't as many images to download again). Ran sync and wallah, I have content in the Daphne Wheel folder. Yet nuttin when I do the NES & SNES. I've even unlinked and relinked thinking that I might have somehow screwed something up when I changed a folder name. Nope. Seems to come back to NES & SNES - and as such the only thing I have done differently is to use the renamer. I don't really mind, I mean I have FTP access @ Hyperspin. I have bought access on emumovies also, so I could just dump all the artwork that way, but I'd like to have the ability to sync stuff if things change. The new HyperSync will have the movie sync... but at this point I can't sync anything other than Letters (and possibly anything non ROM related i.e. pointers... as I haven't checked that) Let me know what kind of info you need from this HyperNewb and I'll do what I can to supply you with it. Anyone else having these issues? Any help? Ideas? Places for me to go to search for answers? Thanks.
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