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  1. Hi guys, does anyone know an easy way to download all of the system genre XML files? I don't see a way other than to click on each system, click on each genre, then click download. I'm hoping I'm just missing something simple.
  2. If you want bleeding edge, look under my uploads on the EmuMovies FTP. Be warned that this is not an official pack, may have problems, and is not yet minted and blessed by Circo. I'd wait a few days though, I'm capturing Circo's graphics updates and will be doing an fresh upload shortly. /Upload Here/_HyperLaunch Media Submissions/gooch/RocketLauncher/Media
  3. gooch

    Using Anti-Virus

    I like M$ Security Essentials for my cab. Like others state, keeping your cab off the Internet is one option, or you could still leave it on the network for updates and only transfer files to it if they've been scanned first like I do and never surf the web on your HyperSpin PC. Always have a backup, too many hundred hours are invested in my cab to not have a safety net
  4. gooch

    HyperBase Live

    Are there plans to allow migration of HyperSync settings to HyperBase Live? I have very specific settings in my HyperSync setup to not replace custom artwork.
  5. Will HyperBase Live have this feature?
  6. Is there a way to choose resolutions for EmuMovies videos in HyperSync? I'm trying to save some disk space.
  7. I just figured out what I needed to do. I still have it display on the main monitor, but I added -autoror to my MAME module command line options in HyperLaunch. Now MAME rotates the menu to the right (my monitor rotates counter-clockwise) for vertical games.
  8. I use MESS for just about every system on my cab, and it runs SNES perfectly. I'm not sure why more people don't use it. Easy to set up, it's got a similar set of menus and functionality to MAME, performance is smooth, and it works well with all the HyperLaunch extras like bezels and such.
  9. HyperSync has a button to download the official XML
  10. I actually do what ras2a does and set up the artwork & supported DB first with HyperSync, then collect the ROM set, then use Don's HyperSpin Tools to rename my ROMs based on CRCs to the official names in the DB. I think you'll have a lot easier time with your setup if you use officially named syatems and ROMs.
  11. I think this is impossible, but I'll ask anyway. Is it possible to display the MAME or MESS menu (Tab key) on a second screen? The reason I ask is that, on my 2 monitor system, my main game screen is a rotating screen so I can choose the best rotation orientation based on vertical or horizontal games. When I load the menu for a 90 degree rotated game, the menu is not rotated which leads to a neck cramp while I configure. I'd like to be able to display this menu on the marquee second screen since that never rotates. Alternately, I guess another question would be to see if rotating the menu itself was possible, but only for those games which I have set to rotate. I'm hoping someone has solved this issue at some point, maybe a cocktail cab user. Thanks in advance!
  12. gooch

    HyperSync Settings

    That did it, thanks! It's restored and I'm doing a new sync now
  13. I recently rebuilt my arcade on a new hard disk (other hardware is all the same) and I restored my \Arcade folder where I keep everything, but all of my HyperSync settings are gone. Does anyone know where the settings are stored? I have a Paragon image level backup of my old hard disk so I can still get it, even if it's buried in the registry. Thanks in advance.
  14. I've invested countless hours of tweaking and tuning into HS and HL. I'm actually a little afraid that this new GameEx will have a "gotta have" feature and I'll have to start all over
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