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  1. Aurich do you have the newest DMD, the one with the molex connector on the back.
  2. Will do, thanks Russ. May take a few days though to get back to the cab. I'll report back.
  3. This was the first run of the latest board from Brett. It's the DMD with the molex plug on the back, 4096LV-O. It did this right when I fired it up, it went away but could see a very slight flicker most of the time like the refresh rate was low or something and then at the end of a game it started doing what you see.
  4. Where can I download this firmware, it doesn't appear to be in the pindmd.com firmware folder? I'm getting a flicker in my X-Pin as seen in the video below, curious if this is the power issue that people are speaking of?
  5. I've totally been out of the loop for a while so just wanted to ask, is HyperDMD compatible with PinDMD2 yet? I would like to get the DMD animations running in HP.
  6. I'm pretty sure FPLaunch already knows the last table played, I think it displays that at the bottom of the settings.ini file. Having the "Option" to make it start up on the last table played would be cool.
  7. Great videos Mike. It's funny but I kinda prefer the overall appearance of the matrix version. Maybe because the LED's are round vs rectangular or maybe because of the color and shading. The only issue I have with the whole matrix method is the alignment. I know I may be the only one who prefers it but it just seems a little sterile and a little more alive. Call me crazy. EDIT: just read your write up LOL, guess you like it as well. I know my 8x8 X-Pin is just spectacular, I just can't wait to play video modes now.
  8. Yep, I've noticed that as well but it's working.
  9. I've just been pasting and replacing from wip 9 through all the latest updates. When you go to the new one for the first time it adds 6 new lines and disables a couple.
  10. Well bent it seems as though we are having our own independent issues. I can pause just fine in all my VP tables. I am using the latest version of FPL (with stock focus) and have pinemhi installed as well. When I hit exit (e) the ball freezes and it goes to the pause screen, both those happen instantly. As soon I "back" out the ball is released and away we go. Edit: Win7 64bit
  11. I tried mapping the shutdown to e but then jb would close leaving hp hanging. Shouldn't hp kill it no matter what the actual programs exit key is set to, ie FP and VP.
  12. Sounds great actually, that post would make a good tutorial. I did what you wrote but I deleted the ledblinky lines in the bat file as I wasn't using it. I got it all to show and fire up within HP but I could never exit out of it, got frustrated and wiped it all out. The bat file should have been included in the latest wip, you may need to just add your paths in instead of making one. If you figure out the exit issue please post it up as I too was suffering from that. EDIT: In the JB controls config file I had to delete any other entries that were already there that pertained to the keys that I was using on the cab otherwise it all got confused. I think if I was going to do it again I would just wipe out all the info in the config and just add what I was going to use from the cab.
  13. Thanks bud, I'll wait for you so I don't mess anything up lol.
  14. Hey Boogies, how does one go about launching DWJB from the HyperPin wheel? I think I get the rest but not clear on this.
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