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  1. Aurich do you have the newest DMD, the one with the molex connector on the back.
  2. Will do, thanks Russ. May take a few days though to get back to the cab. I'll report back.
  3. This was the first run of the latest board from Brett. It's the DMD with the molex plug on the back, 4096LV-O. It did this right when I fired it up, it went away but could see a very slight flicker most of the time like the refresh rate was low or something and then at the end of a game it started doing what you see.
  4. Where can I download this firmware, it doesn't appear to be in the pindmd.com firmware folder? I'm getting a flicker in my X-Pin as seen in the video below, curious if this is the power issue that people are speaking of?
  5. I've totally been out of the loop for a while so just wanted to ask, is HyperDMD compatible with PinDMD2 yet? I would like to get the DMD animations running in HP.
  6. You can try this - http://www.gopinball.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=55&t=3499&p=57220#p57220
  7. I agree, just try it. This is one of those things that when you actually try it you will kick yourself for not doing it sooner. Static mode is basically the first level of BAM enhancements. Remember when we used to play with the camera Z angles etc to make the playfield look proper. BAM does this but it applies the proper proportions to the entire table and leaves you with a pile of options to tweak the view AND lighting as you see fit. It's similar to the newest VP tables that narrow slightly at the end to give the proper arcade view but with much more depth and options. To anyone else reading this having some FP tables on their cab, just install it already. BAM levels: Future Pinball Mode - This is just the plain old regular FP mode. Static Mode - Described above. Happy Cab Mode - Same as static mode but you can setup movements based on timing. ie, you can make the playfield sway and or change depth. I call this Sea Sick Mode Simple PS3 Mode - One PS3 camera only, it will track side to side and up and down but NOT fore and aft. It is really simple and awesome. 3D PS3 Mode and WiiMote - These modes require IR LED's to calibrate and one on your person along with the use of either TWO PS3 cameras or Wii Motes to create a 3D perspective that is very responsive to your movements with a huge degree of camera movement. You can dive right into a table and look around, it's incredible.
  8. There is no logical reason to stop using BAM once used. It is simply 1000x better even without the all the camera stuff. In simple Static Mode BAM is light years ahead of what FP will ever be able to do on its own. As you can tell my thought would be install BAM and use the basic Static Mode until you wanna get fancy with all the camera stuff. All your table settings are stored in cfg files for each table. They will persist if the table name is the same. If the table name isn't the same you can copy the cfg config file and rename it to the new table. You can also create one awesome setup and call that cfg file as default.cfg and it will apply those settings to all tables without there own file.
  9. I'm using a Amber X-Pin DMD with the pinDMD2. Installing was straight forward using your guide with no issues what so ever. After installation and no fault to the pinDMD my drivers were corrupted due to the WiniPac software installation. It would be nice to use both but having both installed causes me huge issues making the re-installation of the pinDMD drivers a must. I'm yet to flash any firmware as I usually don't do that without a real big reason to do so. I am VERY VERY happy with the product as without it I wouldn't have a DMD. The DMD to me is almost as good as playing a table itself. In respect to LCD vs real DMD. The only way I know how to explain it the real DMD is alive and LCD is dead. The video on your webpage shows that I think but nothing is like real life. I always recommend a real DMD to new cab builders but it's the builders trying to save money who take the most convincing. I wish there was a better way to explain or show the benefits vs the LCD. I usually just tell them that a budget cab was my priority when building and I'm using a real DMD, that must say something. I wouldn't run a cab without real DMD, yes it's that good. My only concern about the PinDMD board is what to do later on if there's a failure. It's a specialized product and I get worried if there's a failure will another one be available. re: pindmd.com - I would like to see a firmware change log on your webpage so without following the threads one has an idea to what the changes were and if they are important enough to them to risk flashing. - I think there should be some explanations or special info about the different DMD's that are compatible. ie, not having the DMD un-powered with the pinDMD powered etc.
  10. It seems as though to get into portrait mode you have to actually rotate your desktop first, there isn't a setting in the app. That will be a pain in the arse I must say.
  11. I don't think it'll be online only, can't see why. I'm not a online player so all my current Steam titles are available offline. I also didn't expect them to launch with anything for free, that's that way all these company's are now-a-days. I don't want to pay for the same darn titles again but I might depending on how well it all functions. Without DMD support though, I'm not interested. The one thing that does drive me crazy is that these games aren't truly random. I've seen my ball go in directions and get saved from drain lanes etc without any input from myself. I believe the physics have a helping hand to make them more playable for everyone. That's not why I'm here. I want as real as real gets.
  12. ^ I've always been very interested in the reaction of real pin enthusiasts. I know my local pin seller and fixer guy hates us with a passion.
  13. I doubt that 10 votes will equal a consensus but 60 seconds wins. Thanks to those who voted.
  14. LOL, I guess I should have added a "I have no idea what I'm using" option to the poll.
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