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  1. Hi Craig, I have tried downloading the file but it wont come down. is there an alternate download point?
  2. evening, I have a config in place but it shows me the WAE @[email protected] to config before starting a game and its a pain and removes the whole glory of having my cab be seamless..anyone got pointers how to remove that?
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm looking to get a BBC Micro menu and db etc setup on my system as I have good memory's of this platform.. anyone got anything can share?
  4. Couple of random questions, what did u use to round the edges on the arcade machines and what are you using for the bezel to hold the marquee in place? I made a midi machine (no where near as good as your epic efforts) but it was a first time for me and those last bits on mine are not complete and make it look rough so im going to try building a desktop one next with a more professional finish. also how did u get the black glass look around the screen? cheers
  5. Hi All, Something which would be good is the option to toggle on and off background music in say mp3 format for game like on mame whichb have no music. i have loads of sid tunes and remixes which i think would be cool to start from a random playlist when games start. not for all games though as some have music already. A key combo to toggle on and off would be cool. thanks
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