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  1. With this configuration you have enough ledwiz ports: ledwiz ports items 7 7 contactors 15 5 rgb crees 3 rgb flipper/rgb undercab lighting 1 knocker 1 gear motor 1 shaker 1 launch ball 1 extra ball 1 start button 31 total Just put rgb undercab lighting on the same ports as the rgb flippers
  2. You have to use 2 outputs on your soundcard and NOT devide 1 output into 2 inputs into your amp. In other words you have to have 2 cables with on 1 end a 3.5 connector going into the soundcard and on the other end a red and white tulip going into you amp.
  3. When you use the directb2s backglasses you can remove the dmd this way: Start the table in VP (outside Hyperpin). Go with your mouse to the backglass display and right click your mouse. There are a few options to hide the dmd under visibility. Just check it out.
  4. Hallo Slaapzak, <dutch mode> Wat ga je gebruiken voor je 3 monitor setup? -playfield monitor, backglass monitor en een "echte" LED of plasma DMD of -playfield monitor, backglass monitor en een 3e monitor als DMD Als je een echte DMD gaat gebruiken kun je in alle table scripts .Hidden = 0 wijzigen in .Hidden = 1 of als je directb2s backglasses kun je door rechts te klikken op het backglass de "pseudo" DMD uitschakelen. Als je een 3e monitor als DMD gaat gebruiken moet je de DMD in je backglass naar je 3e monitor slepen en daar "vastpinnen". Ton
  5. http://www.highclasspinballs.com/catalog/popup_image.php?pID=160
  6. If you looked further you could find in the low-res version this: Also here is the v1.1 high res link Faster and more reliable http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1251891/Monster%20Bash.VP9.V1.1.uw.FS.zip
  7. I think you can download it from this site if you do a donation. See here: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/payments.php
  8. Er staat er nog 1. FF onder de aandacht bij de admins brengen. http://link.marktplaats.nl/664242035
  9. Ik heb Marktplaats getipt. Jij zou hetzelfde moeten doen.
  10. Today I got my plasma display back from Russell. He did a wonderful job adjusting his pindmd software. The display and pindmd are working flawlessly now. Thanks again Russell.
  11. Go to the website of the maker and download install pdf
  12. Very nice, But I think it were all FP tables and no VP tables. That will make no difference for an animated BG, but will it be possible to make an animated DMD for a real DMD while browsing thrue the tables?
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