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  1. hey guys, the tool has a new adress, it is the http://configtoool.vpuniverse.com the old link is redirecting to that one but if you use the fantastic automatic tool to retrieve the latest configs: http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/332-ledwiz-configtool-downloader/ you need to update the vbs to match the new link: 'URLs to open.... Dim sVersionUrl Dim sDownloadUrl sVersionUrl = "http://configtool.vpuniverse.com/api.php?query=version" sDownloadUrl = "http://configtool.vpuniverse.com/api.php?query=getconfig&apikey=" & param_apikey Cheers
  2. when you generate files from configtool, it creates ini and nofeedback ini files, and these ones disable contactors, knocker etc that was working with hyperpin, ledcontrol.ini files and fplaunch wip10, but since dof ini changed their names to directouptutconfig.ini it doesn't work anymore. we need a new way to switch from normal to nofeedback files, with pinballx or hyperpin
  3. cool, the changes are implemented in vpm, i'll build a new version fo the vpm sam build, i can't talk about it on vpf, here well
  4. did you even create your account on create account tab of the login page? Because you are not on the system
  5. Try forgot password on the login page
  6. Are we thinking about alternatives of ledwiz? Especially with DOF that can be adapted to more hardware. Because with ledwiz is pretty limited in terms of color rendering, only 48 possibilities instead of a usual 255, and the low intensities makes the color flickering. Except that i love the ouptut kit and booster board that i bought from you
  7. I advise you to take 10 contactors, for 3 in the middle and 3 in the back, the configtool which has plenty of configs with 10 contactors already which work for DOF that will be public very soon, a huge step forward to force feedback
  8. Ledcontrol.vbs is the culprit, and directoutput framework is the solution
  9. Shooter lane is when the ball is on the shooter lane, there is often a switch there, so it can be used to emulate a lit launch button, it's on the doc of the table as I said Every table with a rom, all ss works with ledwiz, and it's also possible with em, but that's another topic mm works for mm_10, theorically, mm will work with rom mm and all mm_** Just don't change the name of the roms in your ledcontrol ini, they all work good
  10. W14 for Badcats is shooter lane switch, so we emulate the launch button with that switch for a lot of tables when there's no lamp for launch button Blink is blink, and ON is on all the time Did you read the guide from the first pages of the http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?10980-Tutorial-How-to-config-Ledwiz-PacDrive Hope you're not gonna ask why this s* or this w*, for all configs of all tables, here's my star trek next generation sttng,L88,ON,0,L87,S9,S10,S12/S15 60,S13,S8/S48,S11/S6/S46,S14/S16,0,0,S1 400 10/S2 400 10/S5 300/S6 300/S7 300/W23 400 10/W83 400 10/W87 400 10,0,S17/S18/S39 300/S40 300,S8 White/S12 Red/S25 Yellow/S27 Blue/S41 Green/W15 Red/W16 Green/W26 Yellow/W51 Yellow/W52 Yellow/W53 Yellow/W88 Yellow/W117 White,S9 Purple/S22 Red/S23 Blue/S27 Blue/W27 Yellow/W76 Lime/W81 Red/W82 Red,S14 Red/S23 Blue/S28 Blue/W28 Yellow/W77 Lime,S10 Purple/S20 Yellow/S23 Blue/S26 Blue/W71 Red/W78 Lime,S13 Red/S21 Yellow/S26 Blue/S42 Red/W17 Green/W18 Red/W54 Yellow/W55 Yellow/W56 Yellow/W58 Purple,S1 600 I36/S2 600 I36
  11. Voilà, table is reviewed and submitted on http://vpuniverse.com/ledwiz/index.php Don't forget to install ledcontrol 2.4.7 from the main page, if you use config from configtool, you will need that one, and normally you won't need to bother of the mappings or rom name, if you have problems, then you made wrong port assignments or installation of the ledwiz, core.vbs etc are wrong ps: copy switches and solenoid from one table to another, you can be pretty sure it will not work , for fathom there's no lit launch button, no plunger button and no shooter lane switch (this switch is often used to simulate the plunger button), check docs on ipdb if you are interested, but for Fathom, the solenoid on the doc don't match the ledwiz solenoid mapping, they are some exceptions like that but not so many
  12. I will ledwiz fathom today, i will let you know once it is done
  13. Did you try SimpleLEDTest.exe from http://dndw.com/ledblinky/downloads/LEDBlinky_5_1_0_1ae.zip
  14. I have been using zeb files in the beginning, then i discovered the configtool and i filled my configuration according to the mapping that i had that time, which was zeb config minus some toys. I think a button that prefills the virtual kit mapping is a good idea, then you can customize, pwm on or off, shaker intensity, adapt the config. And once you have your account you can join the mailing list for the new and updated config
  15. Not the ini, the vbs file on main page of configtool
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