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  1. As Brett knows from his great technical support my XPin DMD works just fine with the PinDMD2.
  2. Now that B2S is replacing UVP I honestly can't say I have any issues with the LED-Wiz and stutter.
  3. Since it doesn't get said often enough thanks blur for continuing to work on this stuff. I'm still running version 9, but when I get some more free time I'm looking forward to upgrading to 10.
  4. Yeah, most people map exit to e instead of Esc for precisely that reason.
  5. Sadly I can tell you there's no probably about it.
  6. You can put a PC molex connector over those pins, and you only need to connect one set. Shouldn't matter which, I'd just do the outside ones.
  7. BTW just to update that, I sent it to zebulon to see if he can fix it up (and keep it, we swapped for his new shaker motor). So hopefully he can bring it back to life!
  8. So I fried my XPin yellow/green DMD, stupidly plugging it into 12v on accident. Derp. Brett at XPin is awesome, he responded to an email right away, late afternoon on a Friday, and got me a replacement out Saturday, be here by noon on Monday. That's service. Stupid waste of money, but all my fault, and his speed means all the family flying in from various parts of the country can play around with it still over Christmas.
  9. I have no inside dirt other than what he told me, but if you really want one you might be wise to do it sooner rather than later is all I'm thinking.
  10. The XPin guy told me that word he was hearing was that all plasma displays were being discontinued.
  11. Yeah, no, it's better, but might be somewhat subtle, we'll see. I'm upgrading from a gen one though.
  12. IIRC less flicker, smoother animation, and more shades supported. But Russ may have to correct me, that's from memory.
  13. Hey, if you want to play with it, why not. The Pi is cheap, and if that kind of insanity appeals to you and fixes the problem who am I to argue? It just seems slightly crazy to me that we've reached the point where strapping what is essentially an entire new computer, in a very literal sense, into the cabinet is the solution.
  14. This seems somewhat ridiculous though, doesn't it? Nothing we're doing should require offloading the work to a separate CPU, not if the true bottleneck is simply the scripting in the first place, no? It seems nuts to me that you'd want to offload things to a Pi, which then talks to the Arduino, when there's probably more than enough processing power in the host PC if the scripting was simply more sophisticated. I say that like it's that easy to solve, and it's not and I realize that, but surely it wouldn't be any crazier than dragging an entirely redundant piece of extra hardware into the mix.
  15. I ordered an LED Wiz, hoping it works out. I'm also going to try Zebulon's new board to wire it all, which has the Arduino input option, so if you figure out some magic in that realm pixelmagic I'm more than down to swap over to that solution, in theory it should be pretty painless and not require any new wiring for new controller hardware. Feel like my bets are hedged!
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