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  1. Mailed them to you a few days ago .. Cheers, FD.
  2. For the use of UVP it is best to use images without illuminated bulps already shown as it is not the case with most of the so called HD Backglasses. The ROM based Backglass activity comes to life best using a clean image .. Cheers, FD.
  3. Great .. could you be more specific? I have a Bally/Williams fully wired coindoor but not attached to my cabinet. Thanks again! Cheers, FD. ps. sorry Chris for posting my questions in your thread .. meant well ..
  4. Chris .. I would really appreciate if you could make some detailed pics on how to hook up the coindoir (wiring-wise ) .. if you get the change .. Thanks! Cheers, FD.
  5. Thanks Chris .. I'll order 4 .. should be sufficient enough? 2 to suck in fresh air .. 2 to blow out the heat? Cheers, FD.
  6. Chriz .. once again, Great Job! For the Fans .. which ones are you using, how to feed them with power (seperate powersupply?) and where have you purchased them? Thanks! Cheers, FD.
  7. Great addition maxxsinner! Thanks! Cheers, FD.
  8. Darkfall .. my opinion: way to go .. I offered this idea long time ago because of losing the speakerpanel when using a 3-screen setup. Using only 2 'full sized' screens this way you will be able to keep the speakerpanel and will not be losing out on the great graphs on most of them! Only downfall - I have been told - is that the Backglass monitor will burn in (more rapidly) while the image is 'non-moving' .. besides the UVP activity When you build a custom sized Cabinet you are able to 'hide' the part of the 2nd monitor you won't use. I'm curious how all will work out! Thanks for sharing! Cheers, FD.
  9. goose .. may be this F-14 would help? HQ version at FD's BG Paradise .. cheers, FD.
  10. Great work guys! Please find attached a link to the English tutorial in .pdf format & other files needed as stated in the Tutorial. Too big to upload to this Forum .. link is accepted! 'LEDWiz Files - by Chriz99' Cheers, FD.
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